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Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Mobile homes may seem like an affordable housing option, but large investment companies are making them less and less so.

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27 thoughts on “Mobile Homes: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. relaxrx says:

    My mobile is worth money if a quake destroys it.

  2. Alex freeman says:

    welcome to American mother fuckers.

  3. Matt Clark says:

    The guy saying "Mobile homes lose value, cars lose value; a mobile home is a car you sleep in." THANK YOU. Such good common sense. Trapping poor people with depreciating assets that rich people sell to them with false promises, is a fundamental part of how inequality grows.

  4. Batboy 85 says:

    When you live in a Mobile Home. At least we own the land….

  5. jonas90 says:

    That divorced dad look-a-like is so punchable! How can someone be that cold-blooded?

  6. honestly no one cares about people who live in mobile homes; you where dumb enough to buy one and you'll suffer the consequences.

  7. Ken Harris says:

    sorry but that is exaggerated bullshit. If an investment group hiked up rent so everyone lost their homes then nobody would be left to pay them rent. They would lose.

  8. To be honest, I can very well relate to the joke about shampoo, even though I am quite rich, simply because I am stingy and I don't like to buy stuff XD

  9. rtpwyk says:

    Bryce Dallas Howard is a fucken brick house!

  10. Spoiler alert, greedy institutional banker cunts gonna be greedy institutional banker cunts.

  11. vidzAmul says:

    The commercial in the end reminds me of The Truman Show

  12. I am sure these people are all Democratic. See there you go

  13. This is happening right next to my place of work. They're evicting dozens of families, many of whom are immigrants who run local businesses – ironically, predominantly in construction trades. Average rent in the area has doubled in the last decade. It's an utter shitshow. (Eastern Pennsylvania, for those wondering)

  14. Does anyone have the links to those Non-Profits?

  15. Warren Buffet is often touted as the “investment maestro” or whatever. He’s pretty much the biggest asshole out there. Profits profits profits, at the expense of the poor.

  16. Mobile homes were actually invited by trilobites. I'd appreciate a correction.

  17. Brian K says:

    Here's what the NYT had to say about Rolfe:
    … the people involved with Mobile Home U. — instructors, enrollees, alumni investors — may represent the best thing going in affordable housing at a time when the nation’s need for low-cost places to live has never been greater.

    In most of the country, the key to calibrating the proper rent means knowing the price of a decent two-bedroom in the surrounding area. If the going rate is $700 a month, Rolfe said, then cap your lot rent at half that. And think long and hard, he warned the class, before crossing the $500 threshold. The industry “sweet spot” is a lot rent of $495, he explained, but raising it by another $5 “could mean death.”

    Or what if Pontoon Beach is simply your best option? With around 10,000 lots scattered mostly across the Midwest and the Central Plains, Rolfe and Reynolds are about equivalent in size to a public-housing agency in a midsize city — and in an important way, they play the same role. Those living in public housing are generally required to pay up to 30 percent of their household income as their share of the rent. Rolfe and Reynolds’s tenants pay on average closer to 20 percent…

    Their tenants, though, tend to stay if for no other reason than a lack of options. The average resident has “such bad credit,” Rolfe said, that it would be a deal-killer for most landlords running credit checks on potential tenants. Those who are retired are thankful that they own a place of their own, even if it’s only a metal box, because it allows them to live on the little they have. And here Rolfe and Reynolds are providing safe, low-cost housing to those who can’t afford to pay more or choose not to.

    “We’re the Dollar General store of housing,” Rolfe said, adding, with an amiable grin, “If you can’t afford anything else, then you’ll live with us.”

    By the way, $20k to move a mobile home conflicts with everything I've read about the industry, and is probably an extreme case. I don't recommend John Oliver as your only source of news, and neither do others:
    But if you're more interested in seeing yourself as a victim, you won't want to listen to us.

  18. I don’t know why people fall for these half truths.
    Default on any loan and you will get similar phone calls and suggestions.
    No one owns the land on which their home is sitting. Mobile homes have lot rent and non-mobile homes have property taxes.
    In both cases if you don’t pay, you’ll lose your home even if it’s paid off.
    The system is rigged by criminal politics in bed with corporations and media.

  19. Denam says:


  20. Adem Ayari says:

    I don't understand why there is a 3k dislikes for this video.

  21. RC M says:

    Cooperate companies are so cold and unrealistic 😳😳😳🙄🙌

  22. R4inSpid3r says:

    the world is so fucked br

  23. Mo says:

    That ending parody creeped me out on a "Too Many Cooks" level, and if you haven't watched "Too Many Cooks" then go watch "Too Many Cooks"

  24. I See You says:

    the make or break of this video is…..was that duck call a duck dynasty duck call?!!!!

  25. One thing i have learned about being an american.. doesnt matrer if you're rich or poor.. chances are you're a piece of shit..

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