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Most Expensive Minute Repeater Watches

Minute repeaters, featuring the most intricate complications to produce, are the world’s most revered, stunning, and admired watch. Utilizing tonally enchanting music the watch repeats the time to you through three different chimes to distinguish the hours, quarter hours, and minutes.

In order to tell time using the minute repeater you activate the minute repeater and listen to three different chimes to distinguish the hours, quarter hours, and minutes. The hours are signaled by one tone, the quarters are signaled by a sequence of two tones and the minutes by another distinct tone.

Curious if you can master this long lost skill?

We showcase the IWC Portuguese Minute Repeater, the Corum Skeleton Tourbillon Minute Repeater, the Audemars Piguet Jules Audemars Tourbillon Chronograph Minute Repeater, and the Ultra Complicated Blancpain 1735 Grand Complication (Minute Repeater, Split Second Chronograph, Tourbillon, and Perpetual Calendar with Moonphase). These exclusive and expensive watches are incredible to see and hear!

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45 thoughts on “Most Expensive Minute Repeater Watches”

  1. Ron Ripley says:

    11:44 – thanks for this great video which helped teach me how to tell time via the audible chimes on minute repeaters. I had wondered this for some time. I'm saving my allowance now! Me want! lol

  2. Luiz C. ma says:

    Very good vídeo, Brasil ok.

  3. Ian Konrad says:

    lol, should have made this video 11:44 minutes long

  4. Shad ow says:

    If I could afford one of these extremely expensive watches I woudn't even buy it …I'd employ full time a beautiful 22 year old blonde named Bambi to whisper the exact time into my ear everytime I felt her ass …who needs minute repeaters at 100s of thousands of dollars ?…pahhh get yourself a "Bambi" instead .

  5. aigcess22 says:

    I am watchmaker in swisserland but I don't have work now … I search one.. please, french talkin really good, je sais très bien parler le français, Deutscher sprache auch , and spain too. Thanks .

  6. Bunny says:

    At first, i did not know what everyone was talking about with 11:44. But after hearing that minute repeater sound. It is 11:44. So cool to hear it! I like to see more tests like this.

  7. watchguy79 says:

    Far from most expensive but nonetheless nice!

  8. Elijah Henry says:

    11:44 but how do u tell between am and pm ?

  9. baguazhang2 says:

    That Corum sounds broken.

  10. 11:44 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Erkal Stacks says:

    I was a few seconds off, but that's so cool

  12. More Roman numerals as IIII…. why!? The seconds hand is also not moving smoothly, which is disappointing, they could have made it finer and it would be smooth (even for mechanical).

  13. 11:44!!! Yay, I'm the first one, amazing!!!! How can I be so awesome and original? It's a mystery!!

  14. malthus101 says:

    That AP really is stunning…

  15. 738polarbear says:

    I could not hear them very well .

  16. Ben Dover says:

    11.44 was the time

  17. its time 4 someone with big warm heart 2 give me something like this 🙂

  18. crap… SCHAFFHAUSEN is so expensive watch and it's balans has a very terrible beating… so terrible that it can be seen on video with the naked eye…
    p.s. sorry for my English
    p.p.s. and the repeater is indicate 11:44 ))

  19. Lalune350z says:

    11:44 and I want that watch for Christmas 🙂

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