Watchs SALE All about watches Motoventuring Ep 68 – THE SANDPAPER MECHANIC

Motoventuring Ep 68 – THE SANDPAPER MECHANIC

Our Colombian mechanic does some less than conventional things to Andrea’s bike…

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22 thoughts on “Motoventuring Ep 68 – THE SANDPAPER MECHANIC”

  1. The Train says:

    U have an amazing smile just sayin👍

  2. I dont understand why you guys didnt just get a friend or family member (back in the USA) fedex you the needed parts.(ie; buy them in the U.S and fedex express them to Columbia) .., you would have had them within a few days ?

  3. Trevor Marty says:

    wow, he did a lot of work. That's super cool.

  4. Z Shark says:

    This was an amazing episode.. I never heard of a rebuild like this.. It really is amazing how resourceful and creative people can get on a low budget.. Don't spoil how long it lasted. I'm going to keep watching your adventure. And I'm behind.

  5. SwPiotrek says:

    So this mechanic was a genius 🙂

  6. Way to go!!  And, happy birthday, Becky!!

  7. BudFox559 says:

    I'm a machinist and have been a mechanic off and on for most of my life. You would be amazed at what you can get away with if you are desperate. Engines are all in thousandths, however you achieve that is kind of up to you and your skill with that sand paper :-). The difference is how long is lasts. I've been down where you are, and I've seen stuff like that last a long time when I was really sure it wouldn't. A head for a DRZ 400 used is like $800, so it's worth giving it a try. 50 50 chance on the super glue, blue RTV on the base gasket would have been my choice, but contact cement works too if you have nothing else.

  8. dkstrwer2 says:

    Wait a minute, the oil check valve was repaired with super glue once before. It failed and significant damage was the result. Now it's being super glued again with a lot of handy repair work, down time and various expense. About to face the Atacama, and return, I would be looking to make a deal on another ride or motor in Lima rather than expend more resources on a fix more appropriate for an around town scoot appearing to be on the verge of becoming scrap. But, that's me.  Hoping all will be well.   

  9. Dougyelnats says:

    very interesting video, hey next time holler I'm in Houston big town pretty sure can get your new parts pretty quick or salvage parts.  

  10. Nor Cal Dave says:

    Hope it all stays together for you ! Good Luck 🙂

  11. JohnG11000 says:

    is this the modern duct tape for fixing everything,super glue and sand paper,and still you both have a wonderful smile upon those lovely faces.keep on keeping on girls.

  12. Iowarail says:

    "Malfunction the mother of modification."

  13. That guy is a genius…… I feel confident in his work, cos he was using a micrometer to measure stuff !!
    Take care of yourselves, this is a great adventure, & beautifully produced video 🙂 

  14. Vim Hill says:

    always trust a mechanic that has a micrometer and knows how to use it

  15. Sounds like they need to work on their infrastructure down there in South America.

  16. ouch poor ol DR is hanging in there, good luck.

  17. Ill say it again
    Safe Journey!!

  18. Many Mix says:

    Oh and the postcard was awesome!

  19. Many Mix says:

    So how far have to got on the Krazy Glue rebuild?

  20. AWESOME! Mechanics in developed countries are often mere parts changers. I love the ingenuity. I hope it lasts, because it will be even more impressive! Good luck!

  21. Don Krause says:

    What an awesome adventure, best wishes for continued safe travels, =Don=

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