Watchs SALE All about watches My FPGA Could Be Dead – Looking To Hire A Mechanic

My FPGA Could Be Dead – Looking To Hire A Mechanic

**Update – I shipped the card to a community member, who has offered to troubleshoot and hopefully repair. 1like=1prayer**
My FPGA could be dead. Here’s the report. If someone is able to troubleshoot or repair the card i’d love to commission your help.

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49 thoughts on “My FPGA Could Be Dead – Looking To Hire A Mechanic”

  1. Let’s be clear – I’m very appreciative to those in the FPGA discord, RL, EZ and everyone who has given me advice along the way. My tilted remarks are directed to those who think I shouldn’t have this device unless I earn a bachelor’s degree on it first.
    I don't fix my Lamborghini when it has problems, I pay a professional to do it so I can get back to driving. I'm not looking for someone to sweat me about not learning about it and repairing it myself.

  2. Melpheos1er says:

    I killed my car key with an esd.

  3. RE BLUE says:

    I don't think that you killed your FPGA. Did you try different SIMMs, and on a different computer? Just a suggestion.

  4. ZePlaya says:

    Nooooooooo. Monica….

  5. Mark Dowdy says:

    What do for the amateur mining community is very much appreciated. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese. Keep up the good work. Do you think the gold miners of the 1849 rush didn't make mistakes? Patience is a virtue. Never apologize. Call K at OhGodaCompany.

  6. yup thomas hawe bOOls when he poot hes 1525 in the oil , u know FPGA is tuff task to work with it, u shold try KU115 or KU040 this cards arent overpowered mine slowwer but are more cheep… and hawe more nOObresistance ….
    maybe 1525 was to high level for begin work with FPGA =) let me know if u will fix that, GL with recover…

  7. frdrcklim says:

    I gotta say. I think this is just a bad case of being unlucky. Happened to me when I got my two Vegas. They were both fine at the start, but the second one failed in under 24 hours of operation. That was extremely disappointing. To get the warranty serviced, I had to send it back to the US. Speaking of which, isn't there a warranty for that? Actually, not sure if FPGA manufacturers provide RMA or something.

  8. Haven't read other comments. Did you check the bus on the board? Have your tried it on motherboard? Idk if it would be a short or heat unless a thermal pad was missed.

    Good luck tho

  9. Jemtac1st says:

    Hope you get it going again.

  10. Jeremy P says:

    This is exactly why I opted for Mineority Hosting!
    I know that I would end up in this kind of situation and need some support.
    Good luck getting it working again you can get this thing figured out 🙂

  11. Almost every piece of hardware sold in the last 10 years has ample ESD protection. I have built 6 rigs on my floor I never use a ground strap. Just always have a hand on the case/frame before touching sensitive components if you are worried about it. Not hard.

  12. Your most likely correct in your initial assetment.

    Better to stop the bleeding at this point, then to fight a sucking chest wound.

    If you quit now you save 100% of the time and money you would have wasted, and time you will expend trying to unjack it up from here.

    List it on eBay for half what you have into it for parts, and your already 50% on your way back to zero.

    Good luck whichever way you go, all set backs are temporary.

  13. Jolinator says:

    In my experience ESD damage is instant and fatal but very rare. Those blocks of foam the card was resting on can easily pickup static but i still doubt that was the cause. What are the chances of a bad stick of ram? If not my bets on the backplate shorting a component. Surely this thing is still under warranty? if so just put the stock heat sink on and ship it back.. Flow rate on that block is atrocious. Wish i could be of more assistance.

  14. GameTime says:

    I''m no expert and just a guess, but I feel the VRM''s may have overheated (too much
    thermal paste will hinder heat transfer !) or the fluid didn''t cycle through before the
    card powered up. ESD, doubt it. A big loss if it can''t be fixed though. I feel you're pain.

  15. what you said at about 5:12 is is only partly true. most people only start to feel an esd discharge at about 2000 volts, and depending on what component of the card received the discharge if one happened it could be more sensitive to esd then other parts.

  16. 66tbird1 says:

    Are you saying it never ran after the WB install? Weren't you the one that used like fifty times more thermal paste than needed? If so I'd jump in there and clean it up real good then do the correct amount. Extra emphasis on clean it up.

  17. Nate K says:

    GPU Hoarder on the discord said to send him the card and he will fix it for you

  18. Try re-seating the ram a few times. If that doesn't work… then pray

  19. thrak says:

    As I understand it, the BCU1525 is a VCU1525 with beefier power supplies to support certain high current draw bitstreams. With that in mind, I would think the board schematics of the BCU1525 might be similiar to the board schematics of the VCU1525. So I refer to Xilinx UG1268, page 44. All the voltages that you report as inaccurate are sourced from either the 12VPCIe rail or 12VAUX rail (it's not clear to me from the block diagram which rail it is). I would suggest checking those rails with a voltmeter without the card plugged in and see if they are putting out 12 volts. Also, you should insure your power supply puts out at least 18 amps on the 12 volt rail as the VCU1525 needs at least that amount and perhaps the BCU1525 would need even more.

  20. CryptoVin says:

    Holy crap, $4k for that. Wow, that sucks.

  21. Yankee says:

    Keep the faith brother! Keep up the good work.

  22. crazymodder2 says:

    Hey man, gpuhoarder in the fpga discord just said he would fix your fpga if you send it to him.

  23. Ray Speers says:

    That sux man. Good luck.

  24. Sry to hear about your loss. perhaps you can give him a call or email. I wish you luck.

  25. Kristopher says:

    I've worked at the component level of repair on communications equipment for 15+ years. ESD was NEVER an issue as long as you NEVER worked on carpet, that is a big NO-NO.. JayZ has a YT video proving the modern ESD protection by rubbing all over GPU's while they are running, and rubbing hands ALL over the motherboards etc…….

    I have NO idea what is wrong with your FPGA, however if you pull the cooler off, look all over the card for a broken chips or smell for a burn components. (yes I said Smell for them). I've also had Caps come off of the back of GPU's before from their heat cycles and a ever so slight bump like sliding them into an ESD bag. I'm also assuming they have very very low quality control on these items, so caps 'falling off' isn't much of a stretch… Lastly, it may have an EEPROM that needs reflashed; basically the BIOS of the card. Its possible you shorted out somewhere clearing this EEPROM of its non-volatile memory. It wakes up and no one is home..

  26. monkins1010 says:

    Have you tried swapping the ram about.. sounds crazy… but can fix a dodgy card. Or try just one ram stic in

  27. Nemisist 419 says:

    Did you unplug the ram and plug it back in? And the ram might be dead.

  28. Dave Charles says:

    You might think this sounds crazy but remove all the plastics like case fans wires etc and put your oven on 200c and leave on for 10 mins add the card to the oven and leave for no longer than 7.5 or 10 mins and remove let it cool down and rebuild with all the plastics back on then try this 're seals the solder I have done this with gpus for gaming and I have gotten another yr or so put of them YouTube it pal

  29. Here is Louis contact info. The man is genius. Seriously.

  30. I am no expert and hav zero experience but did u try putting in the original block and fan on again?? Setting the hardware of the card back to original might help

  31. Yea I think there was low quality parts used because I've done some stupid shit with building systems and never had esd issues, lol

  32. I guess the people who sent it to you will not help? Does the ram or is the ram all the same no 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. I would go over the card with a magnifying glass to make sure nothing odd or even a bent pin. I want to know if the seller/.maker is willing to help and if not what a shame either way.

  33. Seth Estrada says:

    I'm sorry about the bad news.
    I'm more sorry that said "my rolodex".
    I'm sorrier still that "my rolodex" actually meant something to me 😭

  34. ESD can directly fry a part but esd damage is highly unlikely. Looks like a vrm may be not functioning properly or dead.

  35. Crypto Fish says:

    I applaud your efforts for content creation, but those FPGA's just seem like way too much work, atleast at this point in time. Sorry about the issues. Great vid as usual.

  36. Louis rossman will repair it for sure man he have repaired asics. Im been followin his channel since 2015 Im sure if the card is repairable he will do it

  37. ESD depends on the size etc, its variable that could be anything sometimes it will just make it device run bit slower,sometimes it will do nothing,sometimes it will be THE BOMB and KO the device,esd damage had a large spectrum of outcomes.
    PS throw in the towel ,that just the frustration talking,give it bit,step back,think,come back.

  38. Sounds to me that you have card mounted voltage regulators that are fubared since you have 3vdc or so that should be 12vdc+. If thats the case then it should be not too expensive (components wise) fix.

  39. ESD?? I built my mining rig last year on the floor, on a fking carpet!! lol

  40. hyhy i almost poot my 1525 in the garbage after week and it wont get up, then i wanna test did the card got power…. and connect orginal fan to it … and it fix my fpga – there is some protection card dont go without fan…

    o0o0o good job u crasch your power section, or some part of it u need take the cover and look at vrm-s… fpga is not so easy to kill it… first dead power section then it poot overvoltage to the board, if u got red led its a life just soft didint allowe to burn the card…. take out 1525 from board then lunch pc… then pot some radeon in that slot and look is there all ok – let the sys instal driv…. then poot 1525 in that place…. but first take out cover and look at power section…. good luck….

    and i need add some think ….. got good frend witsch works in intel in 90s , hes board configurator, and he got some ideas to good boards but INTEL, didint see adoption for my frend ideas… so hes got mannufacture now in hes house… and he bulding fpga for special tasks…
    when he take a look at 1525 – he say IT WONT WORK LONGER THEN 2 MONTHS – EVEN IF U REDUCE THE LOAD ON BOARD TO 70%…
    cheep chinese parts with no qualiti and if someone knows electronics – this guy knows what 2 use in the place of cheep parts and it can work better and longer….

    that parts reduce buld cost of 20-30 $ and it fuck up the board witsh cost 4k …. its so foo…n stuped!!!!!!

  41. userpike says:

    That blows man. Good luck! i hope you get it back working. Are all the RAM sticks the same? Could there be 2 channels running at different frequencies and you put sticks in the wrong slot? I don't know anything about these cards, it reminded me that I thought about this when i saw the install vid, when you mentioned it in this vid.

  42. HW Hispalis says:

    Maybe it is an absurd comment, but has tried to remove the memory from the card and try to boot the system to see if it recognizes it ?. In many ram slots you have to tighten a bit more than necessary to fit correctly.
    And do not be discouraged, it's just a stumble (expensive) in this long and exciting world of cryptocurrency mining. Regards

  43. jonasakabuk says:

    Hey man sorry to hear your card broke, you can try to contact rossmanngroup, they do verry solid logic board repairs.

  44. Crypto Miner says:

    In any case, I know where the problem may be
    Mount the original cooling back and check if the FPGA works
    if it works I know where the problem is

  45. CryptoPope says:

    Hey Bud, what’s happens when you put it back to stock? Pre-WaterBlock

  46. Amir Rahimi says:

    do not let this bring down your spirit even if it is broken, from what you have described it needs to be reprogrammed

  47. Ryan Lio says:

    Doesn't the card comes with warranty? RMA?

  48. Did you invalidate your warranty? Perhaps you could send it to Louis Rossman. If he cant repair it, its dead.

  49. Crypto Miner says:

    you wanted to kill the GPU mining
    The GPU killed your FPGA card
    Revenge of the GPU

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