Watchs SALE All about watches MY NEW JOB! – Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay (My New Job As A Mechanic Is An Awesome Way To Make Money!)

MY NEW JOB! – Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay (My New Job As A Mechanic Is An Awesome Way To Make Money!)

Today on Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg, I’m playing a game that’s like the sims called Bloxburg you have to get a job and make money also build your own home that’s awesome. So i hope I can build a big modern house soon!
MY NEW JOB! – Roblox Bloxburg (My New Job As A Mechanic Is An Awesome Way To Make Money!)

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Game: roblox bloxburg
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48 thoughts on “MY NEW JOB! – Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay (My New Job As A Mechanic Is An Awesome Way To Make Money!)”

  1. Elitelupus says:

    Do you guys play this? and if so how much money you have? Do you have any tips for us? Have a great day and thank for all the support guys :'')

  2. IronWolf97 says:

    I have a mansion and 150k. Also a tip: Best job on bloxburg is pizza delivery.

  3. mrWolf GM says:

    build a gta 5 franklin house and to a video how to u build that

  4. Do u guys remember the purple elite prof pic? If u remember u were a subscriber long time ago

    I sub when u have 15k or 30k

  5. I play the game and I made my own cafe lol but I still need a house

  6. ChrisTha W says:

    i have 15 millions

  7. Edbtvplays says:

    Nice to See elite going back to his roblox days πŸ™‚

  8. My first job in that game us mechanic cuz iseen ur thumbnail 2 hours ago an I bought the game 1 hour ago lmao

  9. robbie aulia says:

    Elite my roblox name is brontonbrickman and in the game i have an expensive house and rich but no gamepass

  10. Yummi Playz says:

    I only have 53,000

  11. Ghost says:

    i play and i got 1m

  12. Dude you are nice plz make morevideos and longer or livestreaming

  13. Yes I do play this, I have around 12k and my own custom home that is worth 102k with a Bullet for a car. And a tip is to constantly grind one job so you can progressively get paid more as you promote. Currently I am a level 13 mechanic and get paid around $80 per customer I serve. Love the vids! Keep it up!

  14. Mrcookie 1 says:

    tips: janitor or mechanic is good to earning money
    and if your fun goes down watch TV and read a book your fun will go up ASAP
    And play Tower battles (in roblox)
    my name is RobotXD2345 incase you friend me and plz plz can I be in your vids

  15. Z0FIX XD says:

    I have 1000$ XD IM POOR

  16. Z0FIX XD says:

    Pizza deliver Gives Best

  17. Bunny Gang says:

    i can t even play this i have 0 robux

  18. Pokey Guy says:


  19. Pokey Guy says:

    BRING BACK UNTURNED RAGS TO RICHES!!! Also big fan dude but really we need unturned

  20. I love your videos elite you make my day brighter

  21. K&M lovers says:

    I miss you unturned vid

  22. Elite_nathan says:

    You can play mechanic simulator by buying it on steam

  23. Pizza delivery job gives u the most money per delivery

  24. Mack_7491 says:

    Nice i got to meet you in unturned i helped you xD fro mpaparacies

  25. dilan_ plays says:

    I play the game but has little money but a good house

  26. Hero Da says:

    Oh god.. he switched to roblox..

  27. Play reason to die awakening ;d

  28. james gwapo says:

    hi elite can you give me 25 robux so i can join you bloxburg

  29. i dont have robux give me pls

  30. Elitelupus play BloxRp its exactly like GMod DarkRP

  31. That costs 25 robux :[

  32. luca walo says:

    i play the game and i am poor

  33. I play it but hope u do more vids in roblox pls.

  34. Justin Emata says:

    Hi elite plz make more electric state dark rp beta btw bloxburg is a crappy game IV recommend playing electric state dark rp beta and play with me my name on Roblox is coolgameingdie there no space

  35. do the pizza delivery job it gives a lot

  36. Night Gaming says:

    Can I play with you ill add you and follow

  37. I need to buy bloxburg I don’t hav any robin and the said mrpe bloxburg are so beautiful

  38. Johnny Gamer says:

    Theres a glider on top of the mountain near the observatory

  39. FuRy O7 says:

    Elite you banned me from the server on discord

  40. Choppersqaud says:

    We did it bois. We hit a new low. Look Im not hating on roblox itself. Im hating on the fact that.. oh god its roblox rp, I mean cmon man unturned rp is good… but roblox rp, im sorry.

  41. @Elitelupus contact AmyBeloved13 lmao she does good designs for houses

  42. noolkhg 2 says:

    i play unturned , minecraft and roblox

  43. I play the game and i have 60k

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