An overview of some new mechanics hand tools socket set from Milwaukee tools! These sockets feature four flat sides and chrome plating! Let us know what your thoughts are on these sockets from Milwaukee in the comments section below!


  1. Love the sockets you can put a wrench on them

  2. Wow nice set good video Nick

  3. Dill Wiggle says:

    Dill likes cushion grip ratchets 🙁

  4. Looks good Nick. But it's a shame they didn't make it and supply an open ratchet ( like a ratchet ring spanner ) that would drive the external flat sides to make it low profile.

  5. I dont need that set on my job, but wooow ….. Milwaukee it's an awesome brand. And you, I love you V.c.g. construction.

  6. Roy Jackson says:

    I'll buy it if they offer it in a packout organizer

  7. George Dobbs says:

    you shouldn't put metal in the microwave.

  8. joe palm says:

    Can you review the fspin300 flaring tool!! HVAC drill bit

  9. "Shell Brand" – A term applied to brand names who do not manufacture their own products and instead hire Manufacturing Contractors to produce their goods for them and stamp their name on it. (Example: Kobalt, Husky, Craftsman(Sears), Napa-Carlyle, and Duralast tools.)

    I'm a huge fan of Milwaukee Power tools. But I wish TTI would stick a different name on Milwaukee's hand tools. Because as awesome as Milwaukee's power tools are, their hand tools are shell branded and it makes the entire Milwaukee brand name look cheap.

    I once paid $19 at Home Depot for a Milwaukee folding knife. About a year later I was doing a job Huntsville Alabama and my crew stopped for lunch at a gas station/convince store that had a Subway sandwich shop built into the same building. After we were done eating I walked over to convince store side and bought a Mountain Dew, as I was checking out I noticed they had a Plexiglas knife case on the check out counter. Inside that knife case was a knife for $4 exact same size and totally identical to the Milwaukee knife that I spent $19 for at Home Depot. Only difference was that the no name one was silver and the Milwaukee one is red and has a "Milwaukee" logo stamped on it with white letters.

    As a Milwaukee fan I can't tell you how disappointed I was to see that.

    Again I think Milwaukee power tools are the best. But their hand tools are made in China by only God knows who.

  10. Paul Swift says:

    Sweet video nick and great intro..I’ve purchased the dewalt set which looks really nice in black and only £99..also comes with life time warranty too ..

  11. billy mensch says:

    I just replaced my old American crafstman do to when I have to warranty I get junk tool. Went with gear wrench. Really wish these sets by milwaukee were available when I did i would of deffintly went this route. I love there wrenches have both sets of tgem

  12. Joar Flesjå says:

    Nice nice. Seem like a good price on a good product. Think i will see if i can get a smal sett with 1/2" in metric. Thanks for shereing 😊

  13. SteveR says:

    Was that an advertisement?!  It certainly wasn't a review of the quality of the set (the sockets, ratchet, extensions, etc.) compared to other sets (Craftsman, Gearwrench, etc.), nor a description of how well this new set works.  You didn't mention that all of the sockets are six-point, which is in its favor.  Many sets have 12-pt. sockets, which are not as desirable.  And how well do the sockets fit fasteners?  Loose or reasonably tight?  Forgive me, but I expected more than a "rollout" of the set; we could get that from Milwaukee.  In other words, why would we NEED/WANT to buy THIS set?  Do you guys expect to make a review video in a few months, to give us the benefit of your on-the-job experience with it?  I'm one of those guys that waits until the dust settles after an introduction, to find out if there's anything really there.  That would be meaningful; that's a video I would watch.

  14. Just letting you know gang the super sawzall is 299 over at the home depot

  15. Are you guys Milwaukee fanboys now

  16. fatbuddycat says:

    Ooh la la that's a sweet set! Thanks Nick, always coming with it hard kid, all about that VCG life

  17. Lol wtf with the intro


  19. I just ordered the 50 pc 1/4 and 56 pc 3/8 sets today
    You can never have to many tools

  20. Nick, I loved the dramatic into. That was great. I looked at this Ratchet/Socket set at a Graybay Store display about a year ago. Graybar was asking a $159 for them and I thought they were too expensive and I already have a bunch of Ratchets and sockets from a variety of brands ( I just didn't need anymore). I really liked the look and feel of them, and I like the square socket design. I believe that is a good set but I would like to see Milwaukee work on the pricing structure, because at that price point you can buy a true Professional Grade Lifetime Warranty Mac Tools ratchet ($99) from a tool truck and get some Professional Grade Lifetime Warranty Carlyle sockets ($85) at NAPA store for just a few dollars more than what Milwaukee is asking for their set.. …..However, if Milwaukee could get the price point down around to the $50-$60 mark, I think you'd start seeing a lot more people buying the Milwaukee set.

  21. Kelly Penrod says:

    Yeah ok, let me know when they grow up to 1/2 and 3/4 drive so I can have them for my BIG BOYS work. like the square concept they got going on.
    But I need sizes up to 4in for some of the stuff I work on! 😉
    Stay safe out there my brothers!

  22. Thank you for your service 👌🏽

  23. Bob Ogus says:

    Milwaukee…made in China.

  24. I like the beginning of your video. I think that this new rachet kit by big red is way overpriced for what they are giving one. There is nothing earth shattering about this kit especially for what is there.

  25. Fortag Band says:

    Will my M-18 batteries work with these?

  26. dropn loads says:

    Wow $180? That's beat… go to harbor freight get way more.

  27. Vojnik JNA says:

    In all honesty, if Milwaukee made toilet paper, we would buy it.

  28. Let's talk torque wrenches… So many out there and such an important tool

  29. Breal191 says:

    I got a set of these jawns. I paid about half price during Christmas from Home Depot. Great set yo!

  30. Great vid Nick. At first I thought Breaking Bad was back 😀

  31. they have pretty decent deals there. And it’s listed at $5 cheaper than anywhere else.

  32. Stephen Lee says:

    Cool video Nick !!!! Love the Marvel comics like entrance !!!!! Nice job.

  33. This kit is so expensive lol.

  34. Me Again says:

    That "Weird Science" like intro was epic! We'll tell Vince you're holding down the fort in grand fashion. Great stuff, Nick and God bless 😁👍✌

  35. Great simple straight forward video !! Nick you're a Star in the making brother. I'm not a mechanic so there's no way I could justify buying this kit, even though it looks gorgeous. I really like easy to read the sizes they were. I've never owned a QUALITY SET of sockets.other than $5 Chinese sets from back in the day. Allied brand at Wal-Mart is the best set I've ever owned and it has some hex and torx sockets as well. I don't know who makes Allied brand? I'm the baby in my family and used to hand me downs, so if you need room in your tool box/cart for your new Milwaukee set !! I'm really Happy for you and willing to HELP YOU !!! You can donate your old set to an Ol Marine who's not able to buy quality tools like these. Once again Nick Great video and Thank You for sharing your talent and thoughts with all of us, aka the VCG. Thanks, Rodney

  36. Rodrigo C C says:

    Tnks for showing some mechanics tools

  37. Ratchet looks very close to my Dewalt ratchet. Sockets don't have the flat spots like these though

  38. Will B says:

    knew you would like these vcg,

  39. I bought a set of these sockets in the 3/8 drive back when they first came. I really like the square socket design but it does have it pros and cons when working in tight engine bays. You quickly find yourself going back to the traditional round sockets rather quickly.  I believe Milwaukee has the same manufacturing contractor making these that also makes Channel Lock's ratchet and socket sets. But the Milwaukee ones are made and look completely different but have the same interiors. Not the first time. Milwaukee and Channel Lock wrenches are also made by the same vendor and are identical except for minor differences in the handle. The 120 tooth double pawl ratchet by GearWrench is far superior to the Milwaukee ratchet, and it cost about the same price as the Milwaukee set. In fact the GearWrench 120 actually beat ratchets by Snap On and Mac Tools in a torture test.  But this channel doesn't review GearWrench products because they are mostly sold at Auto parts stores or sometimes sold at Sears.

  40. Keep up the great work Nick Vince should be happy that he's away but somebody can step in who keep the crew go on keep doing what you're doing actually like your the house side chat breaks up the monotony of thing in the office in front of Mike you take care of yourself little girl and your wife and your family will catch you on the next one

  41. This is a must have 🥶

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