Watchs SALE All about watches NEW RAM DLC (RAM 3500 & SRT-10) | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

NEW RAM DLC (RAM 3500 & SRT-10) | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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18 thoughts on “NEW RAM DLC (RAM 3500 & SRT-10) | Car Mechanic Simulator 2018”

  1. tyr anny says:

    Please do the tutorial, I can't find any other tutorials.

  2. Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but the headlights on the SRT 10 also age, they went from clear to cloudy.

  3. Can I have some “gorilla glue”

  4. surge ahead says:

    Got the dlc but getting these damn trucks to spawn takes forever.. Checked every barn junk yard 8 time. auction 5 and car salon 3. Still no sign of them… And yes it did download and install…….

  5. Do the tutorial video plz

  6. Do more car mechanic videos plzz

  7. Are you stopping diesel brother

  8. So I’ve never seen a RAM 3500 with a single rear wheel and a 5.7 Hemi…

  9. Callum B says:

    They need to add a Cummins motor to this game I swear

  10. Chris Salyer says:

    hi gorillaman keep up the great videos

  11. Tim Francis says:

    I agree please do tutorial I got the dlc, video card kills game new 1 on way so i want to play cms so bad.

  12. Do the tutorial video plz

  13. Justin Cano says:

    Like if gorillaman does cool cars

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