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No Sports! – State of My Collection in May 2019

In this episode I show my current collection. It contains five keepers and some less loved pieces. You will see the brand Rolex, Dubey & Schaldenbrand, Tissot, Oris, Chronoswiss, Seiko and Omega.

Currently I’m without a sports watch – my collection contains nearly 100 percent dress watches – and I feel comfortable with that. But that can change, because I tend to be a watch flipper. Right now I’m contemplating about a Steinhart Ocean One 39 for my summer vacations.

And maybe there is an unexpected outro 😉

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31 thoughts on “No Sports! – State of My Collection in May 2019”

  1. You make me want to do a "State Of The Collection". But it would be long..

  2. vladmariano says:

    Cool watch´s collection and cool playing!!. Next time a challenge. Tie two fingers together and play Django´s style!

  3. That "brass thingy" is called "collar stay" in English 😉

  4. masivatak says:

    -Oris interesting, beautiful and quirky.

    -Rolex stunning and robust timeless style.
    -Your fathers Omega is of course great.
    -Vintage Seiko for a beach watch?! Don’t swim to deeply! Maybe a Casio instead?

    -The rest are interesting, pretty some are and rare but maybe to strange for most. You have a distinctive taste and I REALLY enjoyed the journey! Thank you for sharing!

    Ps. Those shirt devices are called collar stays

  5. Tony Vaughan says:

    Another great video. Thanks Tim 😉

  6. JAPD says:

    Why a couple should not wear the same watch?, that is super cool!! as well as father and son or daughter wearing the same watch.

  7. ljr35 says:

    I have similar sensibilities and also do not favour sports watches (my Reverso hardly counts). Surprised there are no chronographs. I can see a vintage manual wind one fitting right into the collection.

  8. jfdomega says:

    the wife must not be around……. that tie!! lol.

  9. I thought you had a lot more! Interesting watches, dang… you’re giving me the itch for that hamilton..

  10. Lee Penney says:

    Finally someone with my sort of watch collection. Great taste and great pieces.

  11. You should look at the Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 38mm for your sports watch. I have the black dial and love it.

  12. DG B says:

    Hi Tim, interesting collection, I loved your ending.

  13. Very nice collection and very nice guitar playing!!! Show us your Fender!!!

  14. Harper Wayne says:

    The whole collection is worth less than a Submariner and you keep it in the Bank, cummon man be realistic there's nothing expensive there.

  15. Tom117 says:

    You have great taste !

  16. yooser naime says:

    Do you actually leave the house dressed like that?

  17. Bill Smith says:

    cool guy….. cool collection

  18. Dr A&B says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful collection and the story behind it

  19. Shaver Ray says:

    Really attractive, well put together collection. And I’m so pleased you’re happy to have a quartz amongst the
    mechanical pieces because you like the overall design of the watch. I’ve done likewise with a couple of quartzes in my mainly mechanical vintage collection, and they’re there for the same reason. To me, the Dubey is the star of the show, but they’re all nice pieces. As for getting a Steinhart to use as a beach watch, go for it. You’re not worried about the snobs, and if the many reviews of the Ocean 1 are to be believed what you’ll get is a surprisingly well-made waterproof watch with the rugged good looks of a Rolex, but at a very affordable price.

  20. afer71 says:

    Really nice collection & straptool! Also didn’t you collect memovoxes?

  21. Great video Tim love you collection!!! love that tip about the brass, I just purchased a Tudor black Bay Steel and already scratched the inside of my lugs changing the strap super annoying 🤦‍♂️ I'm a strap whore lolLove your video 👌🤟🤟🤟

  22. Collar stays. Kragenstäbchen. I laughed when I learned the German word, as it made me think of using chop sticks to keep my collar points straight. Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache… You have the watches you like, you need, and which suit your lifestyle, which is exactly as it should be. My collection is equally split between sport and dress, as my life is equally split between sport and dress. I jog and swim in the ocean several times a week, which wouldn't bode well for my 52 year old vintage Omega dress piece and find myself dressing formally fairly regularly which means the tool watches from Seiko and Sinn get left in the safe that evening. Love the Oris pointer-date. They could well be among the least appreciated of Swiss brands. They punch way above their weight!

  23. P TH says:

    Wow! Fantastic performance with the guitar! Love it. Nice collecton too. Thanks for sharing.

  24. edward John says:

    Tell me more about the tax shelter… 😇👍

  25. vasuki says:

    at least the tissot matches with your tie 🤪

  26. elom44 says:

    A collection should be personal not generic and that’s exactly what yours is. Every piece has a purpose or a story. Excellent.

  27. elom44 says:

    “You need a Rolex etc… I don’t give a damn because I don’t see this as a competition” made me chuckle as just a few days ago Archie launched a video ranking watch YouTubers by how many Rolex they have! 😂 One of you is correct, the other is unhinged.

  28. LordArioh says:

    A very fine collection. Not my taste, but always interesting to see something different.

  29. James Duffy says:

    Very nice collection, Tim! There is diversity in it yet still consistent with your style.

  30. Our tastes are similar and your collection seems almost perfect, I would love to have it all.

    I would only add a chronograph, and thinking about your style would be a Junghans Chronoscope or a vintage Enicar in 36 mm (at least I love both models), and would make the Regulateur a keeper, without hesitation.

    The idea of the Steinhart seems interesting, even though I did not use it long after the holidays 🙂
    I like your style Tim.

  31. The Gorn says:

    Keinen Schportz Uhr das ist sehr kormish aber das gefelt mir. Entshuldigung ich habe nicht seit schwanzig jahren deutsch gesprochen jajaja treib es toll meine fuhrer bitte schoen.

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