Watchs SALE All about watches No Start / No Spark / Cranks OK – GMC Jimmy / S10 Blazer

No Start / No Spark / Cranks OK – GMC Jimmy / S10 Blazer

In this video I show you how to diagnose a bad ignition switch in a 2001 GMC Jimmy that is creating an intermittent no spark condition causing the vehicle to crank but not start.

*Professional 6-12V Circuit Tester – Indicator Light – Lifetime Warranty by Industrial Tools:

Ignition Switch:
BWD Part No. CS658

Here is the video with the fix:

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25 thoughts on “No Start / No Spark / Cranks OK – GMC Jimmy / S10 Blazer”

  1. *Professional 6-12V Circuit Tester – Indicator Light – Lifetime Warranty by Industrial Tools:
    *Here is the video with the fix:

  2. John John says:

    I am always leery about buying anything that is pre-opened. Whether it is a big box store or China parts for an auto store….Been burned many timessss!!!

  3. My 2002 Chevy blazer 4.3 vortex v6 .i can get it started can you please help me .i tried everything it cranks but would not start.

  4. Thanks to this video I found the problem a darn blown fuse and I thought I had check all the fuses I just never check ECM 1 fuse

  5. Eric Jaquez says:

    Where did you go for wiring diagrams for vehicles?

  6. Luis Torres says:

    So what would it be if I’m getting a back fire from the exhaust 1996 GMC Sierra 4.3 ? Hesitates to crank then makes a loud bang out exhaust then finally turns on once it’s on then it’s fine I can turn off and on no problem ? Any ideas thanks !

  7. Having sane issue, on video do you have the fuse out or in when you jumped car off tested and it started. Fuse in or out when jumped? Do let me know if u get a chance please. And thanks. PS great video..

  8. Chrisfix wouldn't figure it out.

  9. James King says:

    Hey I was wondering could you help me with a project I'm working on i have a 05 jeep grand cherokee that i replaced in engine in and it crank but no start and its backfiring can you plz get me in the right direction to start it

  10. coronafong says:

    What if i have no power at ecm1 fuse at all, on/off/crank. Where is the fault?

  11. James Rice says:

    I dont know how you get away with that but I got away with worse. Advance is ok but you get what you pay for; right. So lets see the ignition switch change out video. Good job! I have subscribed now, LOL

  12. Atomic Punk says:

    Damn I probably would of jumped on that parts cannon with a new coil blasted at it. Great diagnostics.

  13. Show any video that is in reference to 2002 Chevy S10 for me please of any sort of upgrades or fix I'm going to hell with my 2002 but I want to bring her from hell and take her to heaven with me

  14. Dude I don't care what anyone says you just fix my truck keep posting these videos you're the fucking man

  15. realman68751 says:

    I have watched many video in a attempt to be a decent mechanic . this is the only site I have joined because most seem to be no better or less than me . I have a 1997 chevy blazer with the 4.3 vortec . it just shut off . I have tested fuel and I have 54lb so I think the poppet valves are working . I am beginning to believe there is no spark . I am hoping for a video to test the ignition coil and the control module . these are separate from the distributor
    bolted to the intake next to the throttle body

  16. 67strja1 says:

    have a 2010 Dodge Charger sxt with 3.5 v 6  my problem is when the car is a normal operating temp the car will not turn over,it just turns a very little no even a 1/4 rotation but after car sits for about 2.5 hours it will start., headlights are bright  battery is not even a year old

  17. I have a Dodge ram 1500 it is about the same

  18. I have a 2000 Silverado 1500 4.3l runs then stop and won't start. If I let set for a few hours it will run again. Fuel pump is at 60 psi. and I replaced the coil. Where should I look now?

  19. Excellent strategy-based diagnostics, as opposed to shotgunning it with a bunch of parts.

  20. Fred Bach says:

    Just one little clue (the delayed spark) gave you the right diagnosis right off the top and then you confirmed it. Very nice work.

  21. Me E says:

    Excellent, clear breakdown of all the wiring and diagnostics. Thank you.

  22. QUESTION: Can this ignition switch issue be overcome by putting a charger on the battery while cranking with the key? If I do not use the charger, my battery slowly dies. If I do use the charger, my battery stays strong and the engine starts immediately. Thoughts? GMC Safari 4.3 Vortec…

    battery is NEW, no drains on the ignition while at rest (no radio, lights left on, etc)

    Alternator charges 15+ at idle

  23. I might need to take a trip to south main auto. Knock sensor good but ecu not getting signal. Broken wire somewhere

  24. James Fox says:

    Love the box toss at the end. Classic.

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