Watchs SALE All about watches NRA TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

NRA TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

The NRA’s streaming lifestyle network aims to boost gun sales, often by using an ominous tone that would make just about anything sound terrifying…including muffins.

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31 thoughts on “NRA TV: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. as a democratic socialist I'm glad even my tears were produced and distributed fairly and that man with the sledgehammer got a shirt out of it

  2. Ferlin Getty says:

    Y'all are gonna drink some "beers" (Coors Light, Bud Light, etc.) so just shoot the cans!

  3. Ferlin Getty says:

    Hate Confession: I don't hate guns, but I hate the NRA.

  4. Ferlin Getty says:

    Who is she blowing?

  5. Maxisamo1 says:

    The only problem I have with law abiding gun owners is how so many of them seem to forget that guns are weapons of destruction with one pull of a trigger. It's scary how so many people look at them as their favorite toys

  6. I remember pink guns being a joke, probably around the time shooting video games were just starting to attempt to pander to women.

    Truth or fiction, same motivation I guess.

  7. "It's the National Rifle Association"

    By smashing the TV are they saying they're not the National Rifle Association?

  8. Nick S says:

    Btw, she didn’t shoot an AR, she shot a .22 that looks like an AR.

  9. Arian Gorman says:

    I love guns, a bit too much but this is great and over the top, I love it XD

  10. It´s funny that in almost any discussion about polemical topics, there is always extreme people in both sides. I´m not pro gun, but we really should look the facts about having or not having guns, and not only keep saying these were used in mass shootings or that is in the constitution my right to have weapons. Those, I think, are the most used ideas for pro and against, and the issue has a LOT more complex issues. For example, how many weapons are sold to countries to illegal groups? And how many crimes are avoided thanks to guns? and so on. It´s not as simple as say, I´m pro or against, it´s much deeper than a simple answer.

  11. polemius01 says:

    Well, this is all the proof I need that the NRA is comprised totally of sick, twisted, mentally-defective troglodytes.
    A truth that the NRA will not tell you: If you own a dangerous firearm with the aim of "keeping myself safe," then you are an irresponsible gun owner.

  12. i love how these are the same people that are "pro-life"
    yet they preach for more guns (the easiest way to kill someone)

    i love republicans and their hypocrisy

  13. J bell says:

    Why the fuck would I care what a brit says about the 2nd ammendment…. Ummm 1776 ring any bells… Pussies

  14. that was amazing lmao.

  15. Jacob Willis says:

    Uh Cajuns can't wrestle Gators, what Cajuns was that motherfucker talking to? We ain't that hot shit

  16. I'm an avid gun lover, but I hate the NRA, I hate Trump and Republicans make me sick. (Not a democrat either btw. Both of you need to calm the fuck down and get back to reality)

  17. NRA TV empowers mass shooting.

  18. 0:15 yeah I'll be dead 'cause I'm allergic lol

  19. P H says:

    Buy guns….because death is an undeniable fuel of life.

  20. I love the safety glasses on the sledgehammer guy the NRA is always about safety first

  21. 3DayPriest says:

    Never saw the attraction to Charlie Daniels and his version of ‘music’.

  22. Diego Pena says:

    This reminds me of the time we were having a debate in high school about gun control, and this girl that was against gun control gave the argument that if you want to ban guns, then you should ban everything you can kill a person with, then proceeded to unironically say "Let's just ban rope while we're at it, you can literally kill a person with rope!"

  23. We should just carry swords.

  24. John Egbert says:

    "Pancakes: The undeniable fuel of life."
    He's joking, but it's true. How do you think I get out of bed energy morning, knowing that I have an extremely boring, yet rigorous day ahead of me?

  25. Mark Rogers says:

    15:06 And? How would owning a gun help you in that specific situation? What you think shooting a hurricane, tornado, or tsunami will make it go away?

  26. I know this is off topic, but …. Please tell me you can get that shirt at the end that says “Antagonistic T-Shirt”.

  27. molly cruz says:

    Don't you think demanding the same kind of insurance as for a car, an age limit, a test, and registration, just as for a car, would slow down the gun buying traffic?

  28. molly cruz says:

    I can just see the little four year old arm, slipping into that side pocket while mommy is driving….largely because I've read about it happening several times. Next, you have a tragedy. Who's to blame?

  29. The recent New Yorker article shows that Ackerman / McQueen ARE making out like bandits and using the NRA as a piggy bank of sorts to pay their execs high salaries.

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