Watchs SALE All about watches ONE MAN ROCKET SHIP! | Scrap Mechanic #2

ONE MAN ROCKET SHIP! | Scrap Mechanic #2

Cars are cool and all but what about a house or a ROCKET! in Scrap Mechanic

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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40 thoughts on “ONE MAN ROCKET SHIP! | Scrap Mechanic #2”

  1. I like this I want to see more

  2. You can jet up with your gun

  3. Door
    Step 1: Use a bearing on the bottom of the doorway to make a door
    Step 2: Add a switch and a controller
    Step 3: connect the bearing to the controller and the controller to the switch
    Step 4: there will be a 1 with boxes in a line, put the second box to 90 degrees
    Step 5: add blocks for the door
    Step 6: test

  4. play more of this game!

  5. Jake K says:

    what about the door you forgot the door

  6. 'when you waste ten minutes if precious time trying to find a good video which YouTube DOESNT provide, and then you find this…..'

  7. Alif Hakim says:

    Jack what happen to you fingers

  8. i think the rocket was turning because of the switch

  9. Super Hunter says:


    Me:jack billy is not hear

    looks near jack and sees billy built


  10. This is my first time watching you and I love your videos

  11. League Playz says:

    Lol he laughed like Winnie the pooh 2 times

  12. Two side of a square share a corner. Science yo! 😁👍

  13. Mason Ronan says:

    you should try making a little slime rancher pink slime. doesn't do anything, but it could be a motivational piece.

  14. chenxuan zhu says:


  15. more???


  16. Ivan Rivera says:

    The sound effect for when he puts items in his hub sound like the ps2 "back" and/or "select" effect

  17. 25g shooter says:

    Jack you and dragest

  18. 25g shooter says:

    And if you help me And I will sponser maybe

  19. wouldn't the space ship burn in the atmosphere cause its wood and please don't call me a smart ass.

  20. play more scrap mechanic

  21. When he was making the house, It reminded me of house flipper for some reason. Honey, I'm trash!

  22. His house his precious his precious piece of shit JK it's fine

  23. Green Door says:

    A good house is easy to build!

  24. Kaung Kaung says:

    the soft pillows are landing in jack his ass

  25. EDGED Vlogs says:

    The duck Roker moves at increasing accelration or constant accelration?

  26. Jack, if you see this comment, please play this game more, they’ve added so much in the new updates, they have new tools, new blocks and many cool mods like the most recent ones with actual wings. In the newer game you can paint your creations too. So if you see this comment, please please please play this game more.

  27. SSM vlogs says:

    Thats not a rocket it a missle!

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