Watchs SALE All about watches Oris Artix GT date (small wrist approved)**FOR SALE**

Oris Artix GT date (small wrist approved)**FOR SALE**

Big thanks to Robert (the other RS) for lending in this perfect for smaller wrist Oris.

Hit me up if you want to snag this

15 thoughts on “Oris Artix GT date (small wrist approved)**FOR SALE**”

  1. It’s a nice watch , love the simplicity..

  2. This is the exact watch that started it all big for me!

  3. Wing Yip says:

    It's not a bad looking watch and you can't go wrong with Oris quality.

  4. Finding a watch in this size isn’t that difficult, it’s finding a diver in this size that is next to impossible unless you go vintage.

  5. Steven Wymor says:

    I have a 6-1/2" wrist and an SKX, in one form or another, is still my daily wear. This weekend I threw my Ray II on and it felt a bit small. All depends what you get used to I think.

  6. Dennis Kwok says:

    The clasps on Christopher Ward bracelets use the same double button release.

  7. sirthom says:

    Real men have 8 inch wrists.

  8. Scott SJ says:

    I like the watch. I have a 7-inch wrist and just barely there. This would be a good fit I believe. I think you can get away using it as a dress watch too. If you can get in these used in the price range you mentioned that is a pretty good deal. 500 to 600 dollar range.

  9. Jeffrey Wood says:

    Nice watch…my son saw this one and fell in love. Personally, I was really excited to see Homer's watch again – That build just looks awesome, great work Rob 🙂

  10. I have a 6.5" wrist, and I would be tempted to buy this, but for a 36 mm watch I would prefer that it not have a rotating bezel.

  11. E Larson says:

    Nice watch. It’s nice to see this size of watch vs a dinner plate on a wrist.

  12. Great looking piece for sure.

  13. Vet nice ! Just bought my first Oris, green Aquis and love it! Oris makes incredible watches ❤️

  14. Im going to look for one. I have a 6.75” wrist. 40mm is my sweet spot but would like a smaller watch. I also own a turtle so I’m not too picky. This has those dressy looks since it’s piano black dial and bezel.. but also has a tool look to it.

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