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Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion”

An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates in our latest animated short: Reunion!

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43 thoughts on “Overwatch Animated Short | “Reunion””

  1. Lesterlicous says:

    It's okay, he's not real, just try to imagine him in his underwear…oh no he's hot

  2. Manarox2142 says:

    I see Ash but, I hear commander Shepard

  3. Manarox2142 says:

    All better than animated short D.Va

  4. thedragon133 says:

    …McCree is THAT young? Or young-looking? I thought he was around Soldiers age…

  5. Who is that robot that Mcree is talking to???

  6. David says:

    Blizzard tryna get those red dead 2 views

  7. Dammit Blizzards done it again with another cinematic masterpiece! I love every second of this, and Got chills around 6:19

  8. Are we just gonna ignore in 4:41 where the clock strikes 12:00 at 12:00 in California? No? Okay

  9. Bitchy fish says:

    I already chose Mcree

  10. I guess you could say it's pi-noon

  11. how is that robot
    and that mcree girl friend

  12. Galaxxi says:

    I'm AlREAdY tRaCeR

  13. Tamsir Cisse says:

    I was waiting for the high noon also

  14. Tamsir Cisse says:

    Wackiest animation I have ever seen

  15. ryder mccall says:

    Anyone else in the mood for Apple Pie?

  16. Dead Pool says:

    This Ashe is not better than Ash.

  17. Jonny Abrego says:

    Why is it that everytime he says "thats none of your business" i always think he's gonna say "thats none of your goddamn business"

  18. P r e p a r e F o r P o r n

  19. So… Mcree is stronger than Ashe. That is what I got from this video. Also, they nonchalantly introduced the next hero, too. Neat.

  20. LuxRow says:


  21. MsCassper1 says:

    Good ole’ Matthew Mercer

  22. skins de vaqueros de Overwatch y fornite, dias antes del estreno de red dead redepition 2 ??

  23. Make Bob a real character

  24. BLIZZARD……!!!!!!

    Playable Bob when!?

  25. Lifeline says:

    Whats good Arthur Morgan

  26. I wonder why they didn't include the after credits scene.

  27. Rey L says:

    Nice try Blizzard, but Diablo Immortal still sucks and I hate you.

  28. felix wood says:

    Can't wait for echo to be a hero!

  29. Cacty Boi says:

    “Meet the gunslinger”

  30. Rayleigh Ng says:

    Who else noticed her eyelash moving at 7:01?

  31. Waitforit123 says:

    Misty from cod bo2 zombies!!!

  32. Neo Chong says:

    4:09 That is one phat cig, pass the boof Mcree

  33. Dewei Ma says:

    Bobs mustache is da best.

  34. Dewei Ma says:

    What does bob stand for because in the game it says B.O.B. Is it big obese boy or big overpowered boy or maybe it just his name idk.

  35. Glitchy says:

    that hd on that pie

  36. Fanfiction of mccree and ashe start in 3…..2……and…….a…..1…….let the fanfic begin

  37. I don't really like how they designed that white robotic girl but…

    look at the apple pie tho, looks great

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