Watchs SALE All about watches PAID WATCH REVIEWS – Lee’s 3 piece wrist watch combo – Rolex, IWC, JLC

PAID WATCH REVIEWS – Lee’s 3 piece wrist watch combo – Rolex, IWC, JLC

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25 thoughts on “PAID WATCH REVIEWS – Lee’s 3 piece wrist watch combo – Rolex, IWC, JLC”

  1. The only and best antimagnetic watch worthy is the Omega Aqua Terra 15000 Gauss

  2. b kinseb says:

    Never would of bought the Tudor gmt date malfunction out there.i would of went to a Rolex AD and get on a waiting list for Batman or a Explorer 2 and enjoy what you have until it came in. might take awhile but at least you had a good collection to hold you over. ok now send me 50 bucks.

  3. Dis Count says:

    Lee ……… your phirst name Christopher ?

  4. Troy Dyall says:


  5. Get a Zenith triple date moon phase for your chronograph.

    If not you’ll be wanting a moon phase after the Speedy or Breguet.

  6. Mike Epp01 says:

    IWC watch looks like a complete shitter

  7. The impossible just happened at 8:30: Archie says "Man on the moon" without immediately breaking into a cacophonous sonata of "Man on the fucking moon" outbursts.

  8. Cas Hau says:

    4:48 he'll change his mind again in the next review…

  9. Cas Hau says:

    …Archie's three piece health combo: KFC, giant ice cream bucket, greasy pizza…

  10. guess what says:

    AVOID the Tudor GMT Pepsi. It's a known problem that they are having with the date function that's not been worked out yet.

  11. guess what says:

    20 seconds in, let's see if I'm correct. Paul will recommend one or more of the following. A red tudor black bay, an omega speedmaster motm, a Rolex explorer ll, and a Heuer Monaco.

  12. THX1138 says:

    Bring back AC2 watching him fall asleep in his lazyboy was more riveting than listening to his lazy boy.

  13. He needs to add a Tudor Hydronaut II

  14. Nice letter and good video- I’ve hit the thumbs up.

  15. Sell the old man Rolex; they were cool in 1987, women like apple watches. Same garbage content every week, I rather jerk off with a rajor

  16. Jnf F says:

    the new Archie BangPerBuck Guru, Archie the ComboMealDeal Guru, Archie Budget Guru

  17. I enjoy watching archies watch reviews.

  18. M F says:

    Who gives a phuck?

  19. V P says:

    Sell the rowwwwweellllleeeccckkksss, keep the IWC and JLC, buy a Lange.. the 3 Sisters will be complete.

  20. ajt222 says:

    So four nice watches , what is he asking ?

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