Watchs SALE All about watches Paintless Dent Repair – Tutorial 1

Paintless Dent Repair – Tutorial 1

Ремонт крыла

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33 thoughts on “Paintless Dent Repair – Tutorial 1”

  1. Royce Romo says:

    Excellent work! Please give me the details on your suction cup.

  2. Sonu Jassi says:

    how i rmove bonet dent

  3. I can do it. But heat gun will damage the paint. Heating will make the metal soft and dent can be removed easily. But the original factory paintwork should remain intact. It can't be brought again once lost…!!

  4. Kirk Lishman says:

    Circular motion for polish not left,right 😫

  5. Mark Lopez says:

    I thought he was going break paint for sure! Good repair…

  6. Glyn Stein says:

    Easy when you have a good Drum Beat to work with!

  7. Escylon says:

    No explanation = no tutorial.

  8. Zed Shaban says:

    Bondo and paint thru every break in the video …. lol I'm sure u guys seen the quick cut offs right ? If u didn't then u should not wanna do Pdr lol

  9. Umaxen 00 says:

    Pretty amazing. A few minutes on these cheap bodies can yield near new outcomes. Better work than what that car deserves…

  10. my car name is Suzuki mehran blue colour has two dents slightly top of front bumper (engine cover) how repair it please guide me quickly

  11. Ron Ashford says:

    very interesting thank you

  12. lamewarrior says:

    I've used PDR before. Excellent results in a short time in my driveway. Sand and fill and sand and paint and wait a week without your car is shit. Screw that.

  13. kurojin97 says:

    Good job my friend молодец

  14. for Auto dents it would be nice if you discribed the tools used

  15. where did you get the ball that you placed at the end of tool??

  16. Good skills, great attention to detail.

  17. RC Fallis says:

    Great Job! For those watching who do not understand, Its called, "Monkey See, Monkey Do." If a monkey watches how something is done he immediately tries to do it the exact same way and he keeps trying until he does it also. Cheers….

  18. Fucknuts says:

    dent replaced by scratches. wtf

  19. Great to see such a rare classic car restored to its original condition!
    Good job!

  20. tisoy909 says:

    Thats friggin badass ! Good Job! Are you in Russia? Хорошая работа, товарищ!!

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  22. Ginger Hard says:

    Well done! Great Video 🙂

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