Watchs SALE All about watches Parasympathetic Repair – Steve Fowkes (February 2015)

Parasympathetic Repair – Steve Fowkes (February 2015)

Parasympathetic Repair by Steve Fowkes, as presented on February 19, 2015.

The autonomic nervous system is not just a matter of a balance between the simple sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of earlier life forms. Mammals have developed a second (myelinated) parasympathetic circuit that connects us to our emotions and perceptions. Understanding this revolutionary parasympathetic development can help us be more effective at cultivating health and happiness.

Steve has taken a public position that Alzheimer’s disease, autism and sudden infant death syndrome are all the same fundamental condition, only manifesting differently at different stages of development. In this talk, Steve will discuss the newly documented association between autoimmune disease in mothers and the subsequent development of autism in their children, and how this relates to Alzheimer’s disease, and vaccinations. This is a highly controversial subject with high political investment in the USA. Come hear what the US government denies.

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22 thoughts on “Parasympathetic Repair – Steve Fowkes (February 2015)”

  1. metalinl-a says:

    Interesting subject matter. Deep

  2. tyanite1 says:

    Brilliant! I'm now a new fan of Steve Fowkes He mentions many avenues to help re-balance your nervous system. Keywords he used brought me to find the Milner Acetylcholine Protocol (MAP) for controlling heart arrhythmia. This is big stuff, monumental stuff. It's effective treatment without harmful medications. Steve Fowkes may have given me back my quality of life by what he knows, does and teaches.

  3. Eat mo' organic, gently-cooked, butter-basted egg yolks for choline.

  4. T A says:

    Great talk, but bad idea to take questions during the talk and not at the end. People are not paying attention, ask questions and he has to repeat the same things again, its a waste of time. I would rather listen to the important info he has to share.

  5. Olo MaD says:

    If we are so perfect,why bacterias produce neurotransmitters in our guts?

  6. Ronald E says:

    Love the info. There's a lot of dumb people in the audience. Let the man talk. Listen and learn some shit.

  7. Stine B says:

    Very nice and informative! Thank you 😀

  8. I had Conjestive heart failure which is caused by the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system runs amok.
    I cured it with a ketogenic diet and bone broth. The bone broth heals the leaky gut and the fat calms you down.
    I had to cut out carbs almost completely. I hardly even eat them. Mostly zero carb every day.

  9. To know about these points pls check out Marma treatment which focuses on this repair and is plus 100 years old. There are formalized classes in the oldest institute in north india.

  10. Does the high cost of healthcare and living under constant economic threat that so many Americans living paycheck to paycheck do, affect the overall health of our nation? Is this a good argument for a more human-friendly society?

  11. What is he taking curently defernel? He said ? Enyone get this ?

  12. Love has a parasympathetic nature, it also bridges the gap into Chinese medicine understanding the parasympathetic system.

  13. NOW POWER says:


  14. I'd like to see this info integrated with the HeartMath INstitute's findings, where heart brain is part of the signaling pathway.

  15. Useful information but he doesn't look healthy and he's overweight.

  16. ppns2726 says:

    As it turns out. This is a very intelligent man

  17. I’d love to learn exactly how to get into a parasympathetic tone! I developed anxiety.. tinnitus is a symptom in my case. I was told by medical experts that once my anxiety goes away.. so will the tinnitus. Unfortunately the tinnitus creates so much anxiety it’s ridiculous. Anyone is got any ideas? I’d love to know.

  18. 24 minutes in in seriously some of the most important information ever.

  19. Binra says:

    In a sense sympathetic is a manual override intended for very short term but potentially intense needs, and the parasympathetic is the reconnect or yielding back into connected awareness of Felt Life which can be seen as a pervasive field of direction and support for the full engagement of what it is we are the being of. For all of the scientific model and manipulations – the key is to let live our life rather than dissociatively map life from out of a threat sensed need to control everything.
    However, once we are invested and identified and hooked up to a model – we may need to expand it to become a means for yielding 'control' thinking to a greater awareness. For we do not lose control then, so much as live within presence.
    The 'amydala capture' of a looping sympathetic in perpetual 'war' is for the most part symptom suppressive UNTIL there is a resolving or relaxing of the trigger – and then all kinds of symptoms occur as part of the restoring of function. Lack of understanding here adds a lock-in to the fight flight – in terms of not being able to stop, relax, or appreciate except under some sort of 'getting things done'. These are my reflections on the 'repair' mode of releasing war mode. Because war mode has been on for so long, we have narrative beliefs that expect that its damage is unhealable or requires great purges or interventions and deprivations or application – but I wonder if these beliefs are not self-reinforcements of imprinted conditioning under stress – and so are themselves 'tensions' to notice, accept and release a-tention in.

  20. Binra says:

    Is he talking of coffee enema – ie anally taken in – or coffee ingestion. The former stimulates an evacuation – the latter inhibits it.

  21. Vian Bask says:

    the leaky gut and stress… what this teaches us is: not to eat when we are out of sorts. We have to heal our mind from its distress (fear,etc), regain our mental and emotional balance and then eat. Because otherwise we suffer the effects of leaky gut like autoimmune diseases. Praying over our food, the sense of gratitude from receiving these bounty on the table should maybe switch the sympathetic mode to parasympathetic.

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