Watchs SALE All about watches Pt. 1: Teen Kidnapped From Friend’s House. Stuffed in Container – Crime Watch Daily

Pt. 1: Teen Kidnapped From Friend’s House. Stuffed in Container – Crime Watch Daily

One minute, a 15-year-old girl is hanging out at her best friend’s house. The next, a man forces her into a car, stuffs her into a container, and gags her. Elizabeth Smart investigates Kara Robinson’s incredible story of survival.

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29 thoughts on “Pt. 1: Teen Kidnapped From Friend’s House. Stuffed in Container – Crime Watch Daily”

  1. lola lane says:

    Please teach your children that when they are home alone and someone calls or someone knocked on the door to not open the door and also always say that someone is home even if untrue.

  2. Kenny Duff says:

    I used to do door to door sales and kids run out / answered the door often, you ask IS YOUR Mum or dad there, as that is who you obviously want to speak to. Face facts, people innocently ask this question frequently kids are not going to start lying to delivery drivers / gas engineers etc etc.. just because of this video and 15 year olds are probably not really watching this anyway

  3. Is that elizabeth smart

  4. Do you like

    Read more

    Did I trick you like if I did

  5. Parker Still says:

    Never heard of this and I live in Lexington wtf

  6. It’s so sad we have a lot of people doing these bad stuff..the question is why do they do it? Did they get bullied? Or was a victim themselves?

  7. this is something you should learn from

  8. Nadia Marie says:

    why was she actually billie eilish when she was young

  9. LEAHISAG - says:

    She looke like hannah montana as a child

  10. Adam Stokes says:

    I will never let my kids walk by them selves

  11. Paola A. says:

    this. has. literally. been. in. my. recommended. for. MONTHS YOUTUBE GET IT OUT IM NOT WATCHING IT BRO STOP

  12. Test account says:

    "And he pulled out a paint gun" Like that will kill her

  13. I'm a 8 year-old kid I'd would of filed his face off

  14. The Twins says:

    If you had a phone it would of been a lot better x you would of been able to call the police but then that would of given u a disadvantage cuz he probably would if shot you x this almost happened to me because there was a man parked outside my house and he waited there until my mum came home then he left x me and my mum found this very sketchy . He was a kidnapper I knew it so me and my friend and my other friend called my mum and told her the story and we’re about to call the police but my friend already had a warning bout calling the police x

  15. Stuffed in container? She isn’t slime that you never play with!

  16. You’re not supposed to trust these guys. I’m scared

  17. That’s so sad 😪😭😭😭😭

  18. kiaora224 says:

    Its smart for Elizabeth to interview these people, she understands and would be alot more compassionate

  19. White girls are so stupid

  20. 8 seconds in and this girl lives 20mins away from me and has the same last name as me and is probably the same age

  21. Looks like she's interviewing herself.

  22. I was thinking why are people like teens are younger kids still talk to strangers? Never talk to them because you don't know them.

  23. The bigger they are harder they fall

  24. McDerpington says:

    Stupidity gives you stupid things…

  25. I'm moving to South Carolina….💀

  26. Joe Budtree says:

    Lol this sounds like one of those snuff videos off xvideos porn site lol. "I'll do whatever you say" lol that's what every forced porn video says lilol

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