Watchs SALE All about watches Pt. 2: Camera Catches Mom Poisoning Son at Hospital – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Pt. 2: Camera Catches Mom Poisoning Son at Hospital – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen

Crime Watch Daily investigates the blockbuster case of Lacey Spears, a Kentucky mother who set off on a desperate journey to find a cure for son’s unexplained illnesses. But was she really doing everything to help him get better, or was she the one making him so sick he would eventually die?

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27 thoughts on “Pt. 2: Camera Catches Mom Poisoning Son at Hospital – Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen”

  1. Ish_ Boney says:

    COUGH*95 head *COUGH COUGH

  2. I feel sorry for the kid. Before forehead started doing all of that horrible stuff to him she made him look like a little girl. Now that's child abuse.

  3. malkamusik says:

    She looks evil. Should've been sterilized to begin with.

  4. S T says:

    Either Chris Hansen is drunk or he just had dental work

  5. The thumbnail made her look like Pennywise the dancing clown

  6. gc1282 says:

    What's new? These are the bad seeds of the earth. Nothing we could do. If only there were a way to know if your progeny is wired to be a crazy fuck. . . then we could kill them. Yup our own children. I said it.

  7. She kinda looks like penny wise. Just me?

  8. Pain_Is_Good says:

    People desperate for attention, overly extrovert, is a huge flag for mental disorder.

  9. it sounds like she’s suffering from munchausen’s by proxy.

    EDIT: lmao i didn’t finish watching the video.

  10. serenitylpz says:

    I hope there's a special place in hell for this pathetic excuse for a human being. Scum is what she is. Her n the other bitch that killed her baby daughter n actually got away with it, they both will burn in hell. 💯💯

  11. damn she looks like an ugly version of harry styles

  12. Dexter Haven says:

    6:36 I like tough girls like that — but she looks like a lesbian ready to be turned out by a Rosie O'Donnell.

  13. Dexter Haven says:

    2:50 she looks like a frustrated lesbian with man issues, but I'd still do her. We like bad girls.

  14. Never trust a bitch named Lacey! They are a retarded breed

  15. She should suffer just like the poor little baby did.

  16. Penny wise five head lookin🤦🏻‍♀️🤮

  17. amal ahmed says:

    If they look like pennywise something is uppppppppppppp

  18. I can't watch it. It is too painful! So so sad

  19. Angelena R. says:

    Scary case of Munchausen by proxy. Munchausen is when a person acts physically or mentally ill and causes the symptoms themselves, by proxy is when they do this to someone else, usually a child. I think it's one of the freakiest mental illnesses out there because the people will 99% of the time never believe they are doing something wrong. There have been cases of parents feeding children thing like mercury to fake cancer symptoms and so on.

  20. i'm done says:

    How fucking heartless

  21. She looks like freaking Pennywise

  22. Gaw that is the UGLIEST "woman" inside and out that I've seen in a long time.

  23. Angie L says:

    Who would actually fuck her?

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