Watchs SALE All about watches Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong

According to our best theories of physics, the fundamental building blocks of matter are not particles, but continuous fluid-like substances known as ‘quantum fields’. David Tong explains what we know about these fields, and how they fit into our understanding of the Universe.
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David Tong is a professor of theoretical physics at Cambridge University, specialising in quantum field theory.

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40 thoughts on “Quantum Fields: The Real Building Blocks of the Universe – with David Tong”

  1. We have some excellent fans with extensive language skills. David Tong's quantum fields can now also be enjoyed in German, Finnish and Spanish. Thank you all!

  2. Alex Osorio says:

    chaos organize itself on repetition, weird but real

  3. The Big Bang never happened.
    This is all theoretical science.
    For Real Science, please look for "The Electric Universe Theory".

  4. Hugh1 says:

    I doubt that there's one equation that can explain or predict every experiment that's ever been done in science, as claimed. Furthermore, I doubt that that can be claimed even for the more limited realm of physics. Finally, I doubt that even in quantum mechanics, that every prediction can be derived from that one equation shown.

  5. The "bodies" in Newton's Laws weren't particles, either. He made that very clear at the outset (in Definitions 1 and 2 in the Principia) by framing a "body" as a spatially extended system possessing, as additive attributes, what we call "mass" and "momentum". They may, but need not, be composed of parts; each part being a "body" likewise subject to the same laws the whole is subject to (which, thus, makes a part of the Third Law a consequence of the First Law).. In the definitions, the mass and momentum are densitized; but that's equivalent to just saying that (1) they are additive quantities and (2) any partition of a body into subbodies is equally good as any other. This framing of the issue seals off the need for any consideration of whether the part-whole relation bottoms out at all. So, in effect, Newtonian mechanics is a field theory whose fundamental statements are integral relations involving bulk quantities.

  6. Proof Reader says:

    Why do not you just believe that the Quran is the book of God and that it is sent to all mankind. The Quran clarity about the base creation and how everything is made of water and how the earth 🌎 is a moving thing

  7. mr niceguy says:

    it's not constructed; it's looked at

  8. Gustav says:

    I hate the description of comparing fields with forces and fluids.

  9. irockalego says:

    soooooo aether well that was unexpected

  10. Red Coat says:

    We are just a bunch of perturbations in the fields, one puff and we are gone.

  11. Write down stupid formula and take billions hehe wery nice

  12. C A says:

    BS. He's correct in one thing, He doesn' t know. But his imagination is very entertaining though 🙂 nice performan e

  13. D McQ says:

    Put down the computer and try doing an experiment in a lab sometime like a real scientist. Try to recreate something found in nature, in a lab, and them will know it is actually real, and not imaginary.

  14. Adam Kallin says:

    Materialism is as good as dead. Good riddance.

  15. How can something be ramified as "spread" if that's the basic builder of everything? It's like saying cocoa is spread throughout a bar chocolate. What then is the "rest" of the bar of chocolate made of? What is the rest of the universe made of?

  16. He failed to note that the Hopi tribe had described ancient knowledge of quantum mechanics. Greeks weren't the only ancient group. Even the proto-chinese had some concepts of quantum-mechanics.

  17. I believe 2050 we will find out who is made this universe.or what is it.

  18. P J says:

    So it's not a particle but it's a field but now you are looking for particle in a field of a dark matter. General relativity of confusion.

  19. KVN says:

    It was quite informative lecture and helped me understand things better. However I feel the theory has roots much earlier in late 1920s in the works of an Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose. His works were very much appreciated by none other then Einstein himself. He laid foundation for Bosons and subsequently Higgs boson (later renamed as Higgs particles). I am raising this point to request the scientific community to recognise the genius whose works laid foundation for numerous Noble Prize winners while his repeated nominations in (1956-1962) were rejected by the Noble Prize committee. It is very important for scientific community to recognise the works of such geniuses.

  20. those two kids at the front row must have got headache….

  21. Pär Säthil says:

    Updates on LCH discoveries now that it is two years later?

  22. Mr Magoo says:

    "Some crazy Russian guy"? What is that supposed to mean?

  23. Mr Magoo says:

    What an excellent speaker.

  24. What a crock of sh#% based on little…. what a leap

  25. g has a (+)(-)3? So it could be 5 or neg. 1? (at 27:10)

  26. Edward Lee says:

    why china? 10 billion isn't really a lot of money, the U.S. shelled out 700 billion to bail out the financal crooks in the financial crash.
    then Again, China with its glorious past and stellar humiliation for the last 200 years surely deserves a chance, a truly coming out party
    atttended by the world's brightest genius. But then again and again the civilized world don't want to see a China with a glitering
    facad hidden behind it billions of impoverished peasant and oppressed people. Good public education program worth the effort.
    Thanks from HK

  27. Ian James says:

    The weird thing is the best line in the video is 1:00:001:00:17

  28. Eagle Scout says:

    Maybe elevating the human spirit is the way to go.

  29. Eagle Scout says:

    Half hr in and still nothing of practical substance. If anything is learned/controlled about "fields" it will never serve the public. It will be classified as top secret and used for military space travel or weapons. like the atomic bomb, but ripping a hole in spacetime is what can be accomplished. Humans don't deserve anymore understanding. The hubris and blatant arrogance is outstanding!

  30. Eagle Scout says:

    7min in and all this person has done has take credit for 3 thousand yrs of science, philosophy and sliced bread. Whilst putting others down and degrading other forms of progress by repeating other peoples work? Yea with examples by turning his fingers in the air. Typical quantem repeating machine…Usually what this would entail is a con or wizardry of words. A intellectual politician? lol

  31. WOW! This sheer madness just boggles the intellect of the One Who Created Man!



    Creator designed Man's mentality. He states He knows all that can ever be known.

    What gives, if man claims to know stuff that he, Man, claims Creator cannot know, because Creator, by Man's own tiny, little, infantile, barely discernible intellect, does not, CANNOT exist!!

    What? No Creator? But all the hoax that this presentation treats as if vetted science, utterly fails to add one iota of intelligence to back even the smallest detectable speck of the particle division exploration!

    That Man, silly men, cannot discern how many divisions exist in matter, the sane among us – few and far, far, far, between these by material and time distance – makes it an open field for man's Creator to play an endless game with silly men.



    Creator merely needs to design, in present, real time, further particulate matter, that takes silly little men many years of ever deeper research and theory(ies), and yes, ever more massive finances that are near impossible to manufacture.

    Yeah, let's laugh along with Creator!

    I should think, Creator is all but rolling on the golden floors of Heaven in His mirth at the pomposity of His tiny creature, Man!!!:-)))

    But, Creator did record for us, now, to know we, "Man," are destined to this endless, most silly quest for knowing. Instead of our wasting valuable time on this dumbest of dumb pursuit, think how good earth life would be with the same investment in our living situation!

    Sorry to make you think, but, what the heck?

  32. Of course this equation can be solved. The answer is 42. It is found in the HHGTTG. Also just wondered how electron spin is explained by a quantum field and is it possible to create an experiment where fields are removed or blocked one by one and then see what is left behind?…and I am
    Sure there are other theoretical physicists working on solutions 😋

  33. Ridge Quinn says:

    What if at the beginning we were in an explosion caused by large stars in another bigger universe, and we essentially are in the black hole? Would our black holes reach back out, to the star that collapsed to create our current universe, universe?

  34. If you're an atheist, and you want to be decent, the fundamental building blocks are laws.

    If you're God-fearing, the law giver (God) comes before the laws.

    Even if you want to believe that the universe / existence comes into existence from non-existence, it's absurd to believe that law comes to exist after energy, matter, or fields if you want these fields to displace energy and matter.

  35. William Cox says:

    I'm still linking this around. It's that good.

  36. What a superb lecture!

  37. if you understand very well the first few moments of what was happening there then why cant you explain why and where it came from?

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