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Raccoon mechanic

15 thoughts on “Raccoon mechanic”

  1. Jose Estrada says:

    I'll bring my car to the raccoon. He seems to know what he's doing. The guy would just make something else wrong with my car

  2. What is the raccoon’s name?

  3. He's not just fixing that car, he's fixing my heart :')

  4. US says:

    >1 Dislike


  5. jpas61904 says:

    Is he getting paid by the hour or is he salary?

  6. "Yup, this car needs a cleaning"

  7. Lilly says:

    How cute is this! This should have millions of views…

  8. какая прелесть 🙂 а он КПП делает, или только по ходовой спец? 🙂

  9. give the raccoon the tools he need to fix tho car, dammit

  10. satireknight says:

    How Rocket Raccoon got his start.

  11. how does this only have 6,000 views

  12. Love Jana says:

    raccoon love 😍 to copy human behaviour

  13. look4lec says:

    He think's he's people!

  14. TubeHDR says:

    This is too cute! ;D

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