Watchs SALE All about watches Raketa watches for the Russian pilots of SU – 25

Raketa watches for the Russian pilots of SU – 25

Petrodvorets Watch Factory “Raketa”

Internet Shop with free worldwide delivery

Shop in Moscow open daily 7/7 : Tverskaya street 4
Shop in Saint Petersburg, open 7/7: in “Pont-Rouge”, Moyka river 73

In collaboration with the Sukhoi company
Designed for the Russian pilots of the attack aircraft “Su-25”

5 thoughts on “Raketa watches for the Russian pilots of SU – 25”

  1. Может вы будете часы делать в сотрудничестве с дизайнерами, а не инженерами сухого? И тогда у вас получатся нормальные часы, а не это уродство?

  2. Выглядят никак

  3. You call this an aviation dial? Come on, you can do better! Su 25 being a ground attack airplane, why not having a simple and honest "navigator's" dial? And that 12 o'clock date complication … Ridiculous! I expect a cuckoo come out of it to say "Cuckoo" … 😀

  4. Excellent looking watch, just give it the diving deep range of the Amphibia plus the black PVD coating including for the bracelet, make the dial and movement as elegant as that of the Avtomat Classic with the gold and squares, make the whole dial completely luminescent in the dark and you got yourself a seller.

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