Watchs SALE All about watches Random Bouncing Betty Explosives! (Scrap Mechanic #344)

Random Bouncing Betty Explosives! (Scrap Mechanic #344)

Hey everyone and welcome back to more Scrap Mechanic! Today we are looking at another hilarious explosive, the bouncing betty! This bounces around and tries to track the closest player in the most ridiculous ways!





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48 thoughts on “Random Bouncing Betty Explosives! (Scrap Mechanic #344)”

  1. Alex Gunter says:

    make the roller mines from half life 2 please.

  2. Try to make a manhack from Half-Life 2 that uses a saw blade from the sharp stuff mod. Zero or low gravity would definitely help it.

  3. You should make something like a rollermine from Half-Life 2. Except explosive. Maybe. Or you could just make it extremely heavy with several player magnets so that it rams you off course.

  4. Kilian S. says:

    This reminds me so munch of wild wild west

  5. Asher Mangel says:

    Musically* Bounce back, bounce back, bounce back my Betty to meeee. Bounce back, bounce back, bounce back my Betty to meeeeeeeee.

  6. Jim Raynor says:

    thats not a bouncing betty

  7. xpis says:

    For a multiplayer race, you could activate them off a longer range proximity sensor and place them around the track so the leader will activate them as they pass.

  8. You could use super heavy blocks to pin a turret to the ground and use the player magnet to make the turret point at you.

  9. 6:49 that was scary! The way it just charged at you like a crash fish from subnautica and exploded right in your face!

  10. could you put links to the mods you’re using in the description?

  11. Tez says:

    you should add a rolling bomb to your arsenal

  12. You’ve basicly made roller mines from half life 2 that explode

  13. Z-G Mecha Combat Multiplayer Monday.

  14. Cookies says:

    do the player magnets work like springs and get stronger relative to how far you are from them?

  15. Al Magma says:

    I want to see more people making vanilla tanks so that we can have multiplayer tank battles…

  16. Dab Police says:


  17. EmberDrops says:

    The rolling is like the monsters from Edge of Tomorrow


  19. Matty Money says:


  20. 007 Peti says:

    Make the fnaf restaurant

  21. hammy 2002 says:

    This makes me think of Barnes Wallis's bouncing bomb which was used in the dambusters raid if I remember right it bounced across the water kind of like when you are skipping stones it was used in one of the most audacious bombing raid of the second world war under taken by nineteen Lancasters of 617 squadron on the night of 16 may 1943 it destroyed the Mohne and Deer dams at the loss of eight aircraft. never give up never surrender! Keep up the good videos.

  22. creepyman 01 says:

    I really want to see whit two player magnet

  23. IP0T says:

    Kinda like roller mines from half-life

  24. Alex says:

    Dodgeball for multiplayer Monday!!!!!!!

  25. Alex says:

    Player magnet is coooool

  26. Board says:

    kAN, did you create your youtube channel on 1.1. 2016 on purpose?

  27. Neonlights66 says:

    Lobe it when kan tries to run away from his creations

  28. Bouncing Betty's Flaming spin attack remind me of an old anime "Crush Gear"

  29. Zoshi says:

    You've created the rollermines from HL2.

  30. Jake Liu says:

    These are like 🏈; bouncing around randomly

  31. The bombs rolling looks a lot like Sonic dont'ya think

  32. abradabk says:

    kAN is there any chance of revisiting the AI/Logic city with the new modded blocks?

  33. Axtra22 says:

    That’s not a bouncing betty a bouncing betty is a mine that when a procsimity senior is triped it will bounce up 3 to 4 feet in the air. Then explodes

  34. Scrapper2 2 says:

    When I first saw this the first thing that came to my mind was the dam busters from the Second World War

  35. Leo Epperson says:

    There should be a mod that adds a factory piece that lets you spawn in creations automatically

  36. Put a wireless switch on it ! you could then on off them randomly 🙂

  37. Blake Booth says:

    UUUHH WHY! This stupid YouTube auto quality! It’s at 1080p and went to 1 frame loaded a second and I can’t let it load due to it loading then playing over and over again and whenever it plays it hides the buttons and it’s just messed up it didn’t turn down the quality!

  38. Viren Abrol says:

    Do this on Multiplayer Monday

  39. Quads says:

    Multiplayer monday very simple race but with some of theses in the way

  40. This is kinda reminds me thoose Half-Life homing bombs

  41. PF_Cactus says:

    Your channel went from interesting logic to scrap weapon R&D lol.

  42. Jan Krähe says:

    If there's a camera mod then you can make a following cam arm on dolly.

  43. Jan Krähe says:

    What if barrels were connectable to buttons and switches and other logic stuff?

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