Watchs SALE All about watches RANDOM WHEELS RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep33

RANDOM WHEELS RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep33

Welcome to another episode of Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Today we are doing a random wheels race! We have built a giant pinwheel that we will use to randomly select which wheels we will have to build a vehicle with! They range from all sizes from as small as a mug, to as large as the monster truck wheel! Which wheels will everyone get? Watch to find out!

Who’s build did you like the best? Let me know in the comments!

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What is Scrap Mechanic?

Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game with imagination and ingenuity at its core. Create fantastic machines, transforming vehicles or sneaky traps. The possibilities are endless with Scrap Mechanics powerful tools.

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24 thoughts on “RANDOM WHEELS RACE! – Scrap Mechanic Multiplayer Monday! Ep33”

  1. Imagine one pf you only had 1 wheel

  2. Arzu Gökhan says:

    That is not a mug it is on the middle

  3. Its not the mug its in the middle

  4. siwen long says:

    he should of made it so after the race starts he can retract the mug

  5. it did not land on the mug

  6. Why do I feel like this video is going to demonetized?

  7. P A F says:

    Kan is an expert in trikes.

    Let’s face it.

  8. The mug wheel could have been used if you flip over

  9. Kendra Metz says:

    Not a mug it was the spindle

  10. For camoto it was the stop sign they just moved it

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