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Reacting to Old Vines! | Thomas Sanders

We take a little trip down memory lane as I see many of my old vines for the first time in forever! I don’t know how to react to some of them… XD

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29 thoughts on “Reacting to Old Vines! | Thomas Sanders”

  1. 11 9 2018 I stull like this radio.

  2. Fundraiser for "The amazing adventures of Betty the Beatle"
    1 like = $10
    (Not an actual fundraiser [thought that would be fairly obvious but you know] so dont like if you expect a movie)

  3. Thomas forgets alot like his vines. Not to mention people who are fans of Hamilton and Thomas Sanders do this:

    Friend: do you know Thomas Sanders

    Me: "Thomas Thomas Thomas Jefferson is coming home"

    Friend: no Thomas Sanders

    Thomas:"have you heard the new Hamilton mixtape"



    Anyone who feels the same you are now my hamilsanders friend😊

  4. The A Team says:

    OMG can we please about how lovely his voice is. Yes honey I love your voice 😍😍

  5. Thomas is my best friend and i don't even know him

  6. Lawliet L says:

    How did I ever think he was heterosexual…

    ( damn, i need to work on my heteronormity)

  7. Calyn George says:

    I am watching this 2 years later

  8. FireFoxMGD says:

    “But I think them all as my babies.”
    Ok normal.
    “I like doing them.”
    Uhh. Ok innocent thinking to much into it.
    “I love making them. I will keep making them.”
    Ok then I… I can’t be the only one with a dirty mind..

  9. Michael Ian says:

    your stewie voice is perfect

  10. this video makes me so happy that i'm literally crying right now?? hhh i love this so much

  11. Uli Reinhart says:


  12. You look good in a suit

  13. Bill Cipher says:

    I think that’s.. 1, 2, 3, 4… 672 VOICES YOU CAN USE SO FAR

  14. Thomas SANDERS pls pin this!!!!! I died watching this!!! hahhahahahhahhhahaaaaaaaaaa

  15. Bendy Devil says:

    Vine? I never make vines! Because, I will never make “funny” videos and also why would you been and idiot I’m not saying, you ARE Thomas

  16. Brent Carter says:

    He’s a good singer

  17. Brent Carter says:

    F#ck vine I’ve been here since my space damm I’m old I’m 23

  18. EJ N says:

    Thomas likes his kives🔪🔪🔪

  19. 3:05 I’m a Jedi in the streets but a sith in the sheets😉😉😉

  20. Your voice gets SO high I LOVE IT 😍

  21. Ethan vlogs says:

    In love the bird one lol and shotgun

  22. Omg I love you !!!!!!!!! Story time !

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