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Real Tool Box Tour ~ Humble Mechanic

This is a tool box tour of my shop tool box. This is a Snap on KRL triple back mechanic’s tool box. This is the box I have been working with as a VW technician. You guys have been asking about this video for a long time. Hope you enjoy.

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31 thoughts on “Real Tool Box Tour ~ Humble Mechanic”

  1. Ryan MacEwen says:

    Tub O Towels, are amazing! Awesome for hands or tools! What happened to tool rules. Return it in same or better condition. Grrr

  2. Mike Dugas says:

    Just bought an epic green 73" KRL series with a stainless steel cabinet topper a few months ago. Beautiful box, I love it

  3. Tony Gambino says:

    I would be embarrassed to actually show a toolbox like that with no Tools in it yomust be a parts changer

  4. Love my long SnapOn combo box end metric wrenches

  5. Spartan Adv says:

    It’s amazing how we all start off say; “I’m going to keep my box organized.” Then within a short period, we all get a case of the “fuck its.”

  6. What if you bought two or three of them it was so be way cheaper than a Snap-On or whatever rip off tool company there is

  7. beri232 says:

    Sorry man…… Cornhole pliers? Lol… 4th vid of yours I’ve watched. You do good.

  8. nhzxboi says:

    I moved my similar box to my parents house when I switched careers. They parked their snow and salt covered vehicles. After a few years of that and my tools, impacts and wrenches mostly, were rusty…some of them too rusty to use. Disappointing. Even the roller bearings on my Snap-On drawers were getting "crunchy" from rust….Sucks. Took everything apart and oiled bearings and tools. Just a word of caution for those who have "moved on" from the tech world but kept their [VALUABLE] tools. Oil everything before storage.

  9. Yoda Doug says:

    That socket proves you ARENT humble after all! lol as if =p

  10. hold up… someone traded u a band wrench for a snap on 1/4" ratchet??? thats border line robbery u gonna catch a felony for that one.

  11. Dude you got balls to be messing with German cars. I applaud you.
    "The meek and humble will inherit the earth."

  12. Will says:

    For the most part you can always tell a good mechanic by how organized his tools are, you and your tools are a disaster and defective, I would be embarrassed to show that tool box and all that crap on YouTube.

  13. Dan Miller says:

    Cool note on the socket

  14. Since when do you borrow tools and the tool owner is responsible for coming to you and getting them? In my shop you bring it back to who you got it from as soon as you’re done. Respect.

  15. Really can’t believe your top drawer is your junk drawer

  16. CARS LOVER says:

    Great tour man love you

  17. where you get the trays for the bottom center bottom drawer?

  18. oooh pretty ti-nitride hazet torx sockets

  19. Dog fish head! Just got a subscriber!

  20. Man, throw out all those bullshit parts. Just order new ones.

  21. I' ll have to do a tool box video so you can see what I have. My Xnap on box has the upper cabinet. I bought off of Mac tool truck for $3,000 less $1,000 for my old box which was a no name POS box I bought off a guy for $100. Drawers werent even roller type. I actually started with a craftsman two cabinate box I bought for $200. new, Then bought another 3 cabinate box for $200. Then I bought the POS box. I didnt do a lot of VW work so I dont have a lot of VW tools. But for those techs just starting out I would suggest waiting for your tool truck to have a repo box or scratch and dent box it could save you big money instead of paying out big bucks for a new box. Or buy a couple of craftsman small boxes untill you make enough to buy a bigger box.

  22. I use the battery terminal puller for removing wiper arms also. I thought I was the only one that used the wrong tools for the right

  23. Rob Chalmers says:

    Yay! you have ODIS too!

  24. Ray Acatinca says:

    Hey Charles! If you have to move your main box out of state/long distance – how would you do it?

  25. What is the hutch made of? Wood?

  26. Arie says:

    Speaking to your comment about the HF torque wrench, how can one tell when a torque wrench is out of spec (If they only have the one wrench)? Is yours just really noticeably off?

  27. JoeDago says:

    Nice box. I'm having a hard time figuring out the difference between the Craftsman Edge, STD, and Professional lines. They also have the cheaper Home, Standard, and Heavy Duty lines. The Heavy Duty looks decent, and then STD looks much like the Edge… starts to get confusing.

  28. Jay Bisky says:

    Sell this box and get a harbor freight box

  29. Richard K says:

    Those narrow drawers are great for storing/hiding girly magazines.

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