Watchs SALE All about watches Repair 6: fix AR.Drone hull with special EPP tape

Repair 6: fix AR.Drone hull with special EPP tape

AR.Drone Hulls are resistant but a high fall can damage it. Just stick the parts with EPP adhesive tape.

Parts needed: Indoor or Outdoor Hull, EPP tape

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16 thoughts on “Repair 6: fix AR.Drone hull with special EPP tape”

  1. Black Duct Tape For this.

  2. Mina Zakaria says:

    can't i just use super glue ?

  3. You mean the aluminum stuff used on duct work?

  4. Try lining the inside with insulation tape. Or better still the same material used on computer mice, the sliders.

  5. What about cuts to the inside of the foam guards caused by the blades?

  6. scusate a me è successa la stessa cosa del video ma dopo aver cambiate quel pezzo quando accendo l'ar.drone le lucine si illuminano di rosso e non mi trova la rete wifi come faccio?

  7. Jim Speir says:

    couldnt the foam hull be made for £20 tho? I just looked at the main page and they are selling for nearly £200 but i guess thats for the electrical parts mainly so couldnt you just buy a seperate hull for £20 instead of constantly adding bits of tape? What about some king of sheild on parts that are frequently damaged?

  8. Jim Speir says:

    @RoboTekno cheaper too no doubt XD

  9. RoboTekno says:

    Here's an idea. Go to you local hardware store or hobby shop and buy some double sided tape, foam safe CA or Gorilla Glue. It's that simple.

  10. JudgeMonkey says:

    These flying vehicles always need to be made out of dense foam, to be light enough. Breakage is just a part of that. I appreciate that try put a video right out for this instead of hide it.

  11. Wouldn't some foam safe CA be better?

  12. X X says:

    would be nice if some of this tape came with it.

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