Watch how to complete a full tune up on your lawn mower to help it run perfectly. I show how to replace the blade, spark plug, clean the carburetor, replace the needle and seat, install a new carburetor gasket and do some other general fixing and cleaning. The lawnmower should start right up and run perfectly after this full tuneup. Check out my other videos on lawnmower repair!

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  1. Ferrari920 says:

    Great!!! This is just what I needed to get my mower to run again.

  2. Tom Thompson says:

    You didnt change the oil. Nice video though.

  3. Rob Ryder says:

    Never use a screw or other means to insert the new valve seat. You very well may ruin the internal surfaces or tolerance. This will affect the needle's ability to seal, resulting in either a necessary adjustment to the float height to close (which is difficult on plastic floats), or you may damage the sealing surface permanently causing a leak (flooding bowl). The new seat should be installed so that the flat surface is facing into the carburetor (the grooved surface facing downward towards the float). It should be installed by hand, then use a T-22 or similar star bit driver to gently press the seat until firmly seated. The driver bit should fit well into the seat hole without damaging the carburetor. The idea is the get as much flat, even pressure on the seal to avoid puncturing it or cocking the seal. Again, it takes only light pressure to insert it, so take it easy. For the same reasons, I would recommend using a small curved pick instead of a screw to remove the old seal in order to not over extend it and damage the carburetor body. On a side note, the prices of aftermarket carburetors have come down tremendously in the past few years. Check for your make and model fitment. Most Briggs and similar carbs can be found for under $20. Most are Chinese aftermarket, but in my experience of about 100, they have a 99% success rate. 1 carb I had to return but it was most likely not a manufacturing defect and appeared to be damaged in shipping. If your carb has a lot of gas gunk buildup or is leaking, especially if plastic float & needle – do yourself a favor a spring for one of these aftermarket carbs- you'll save the frustration of a rebuild kit & install. – cheers

  4. DIY Reid says:

    Finally someone recommends using an air compressor to blow through passageways of a carb! Thank you! This is missed so many times.

  5. Aaron Garcia says:

    Thanks! I had a problem getting my mower started and cleaning it up got it started right up.

  6. Nice job explaining all the detail…thank you for taking the time to make this video.

  7. Mowingman816 says:

    Nice video but you should really have went ahead and change that filter even if it is stained like that maybe I’m a perfectionist but just like to be safe than sorry

  8. WessCNY says:

    What's that diagonal metal piece in the air filter housing?

  9. Miles Mead says:

    Looking forward to an electric.

  10. "before i started… fu%$ing with, i mean, tuning it up"


  11. Annony Mouse says:

    Holy cow, thanks for the closeup at 4:00, I had taken carb off to clean it and let it soak up the cleaner and the needle fell off and I had no clue where it was supposed to go until watching this video.

  12. MsBuggywuggy says:

    sorry i might should know this but the needle and the gaskets for the carburator, are the sold seperately??? where?

  13. IloveDoubleD says:

    I just removed my carb cleaned it with GT85 blew it out with my compressor reinstalled it with a generic gasket and it cranked right up. Had gas go bad and probably some dirt ingested. I replaced the filter as well.

  14. Kim DeMage says:

    I have this exact mower….whats the model number of the spark plug it takes? Do not have access to mower before I'm going to go buy a new spark plug

  15. James Sever says:

    My lawnmoer has a problem where it shuts off after about 15 min of use. I'm pretty sure the carb bowl is not getting filled as quickly as it is getting depleated and that is the issue. The only other question I have is the throttle. My lawn mower is a 1 speed and the throttle attaches somewhere in the crank case and I'm not sure what in the crank case adjusts the throttle and am wondering if that could be an issue as well. Any ideas?

  16. tubeyourself says:

    the decks usually break before they need a tune up lol

  17. Is it bad that my carburetor was completely filled?

  18. Excellent Video – Thank You!

  19. GPglider says:

    That video was very helpful!!!

  20. Brian says:

    I would recommend removing that bowl gasket before spraying carb cleaner. The carb cleaner will cause the gasket to swell.

  21. Good info, seems like these engines need this pretty frequently!

  22. Noeh Medina says:


  23. Noeh Medina says:


  24. Where do you get those rebuild kits?

  25. RM Hutchins says:

    I enjoyed your video. It was very helpful. Thank you!

  26. Joshua Mayer says:

    2 things to point out missing:
    – make sure to disconnect spark plug wire BEFORE you start, for safety
    – there is often gas left in the bowl and line that needs to be captured.

    Otherwise, very nice detailed video. Thx.

  27. Jeremy Teel says:

    Great video. Only comment to make it better is it would be helpful if you stated the part names and numbers, socket sizes needed, etc. For example, what sparkplug does it take, etc. Thanks!

  28. Should you flip it to the side? wouldn't that cause some problems?

  29. smoke comes out of front exhaust when running on my Toro lawn mower.   What is cause and action neede?

  30. When it's running it purrs like a tiger kitten well I'm going to see if I can find a good shop I can take it to thanks for the help keep making good videos.

  31. I tried both seafoam and carb and choke cleaner yes I'm getting perfect spark was checked last month a friend had the special tool

  32. SSHitMan says:

    I had an identical engine on mine and thanks to this my non-running mower is running again! I didn't use it at all last year because the city had my parkway torn up for gas and sewer work and they didn't finish until December. The gas turned to sludge in the carb.

    Pro tip: don't turn your mower upside down to work on it! I found out the hard way. :p

  33. Hey man I have the same motor 6.25 series 22"cut and I seem to have a load of trouble getting it started sometimes I have to squirt a table spoon of seafoam in the spark plug hole I have changed the spark plug,air filter and cleaned the carburetor is there anything else you recommend?

  34. That's not a tune up that I do I charge 65 bucks for a full tune up you buy parts, that mean checking compression in the cylinder, sharpen or replacing blades, full carb cleaning, replace needle and seat and or jets, go through each hole in the carburetor with a wire and carb cleaner, check intake tube bolts make sure there tight, check the valve lash make sure the cables are good make sure that the self-propell works properly,(with a air compressor and ultrasonic cleaner tank), clean and clear out gas tank, replace spark plugs, replace air filter, change the oil, etc. This is considered a full tune-up plus power washing, cleaning and tightening some bolts.

  35. This video is awesome…my 10 year old lawnmower started leaking/spewing fuel after sitting for the winter. Changed oil, air filter, spark plug, and cleaned carb thanks to this video and it started right back up! Thanks!

  36. AxisSabian1 says:

    I completed overhauled the carb using a rebuild kit and this video. The engine started and ran ok with no stutters, then about five min, it began to stutter bad and I have gas leaking out the air filter.
    Not sure what to do

  37. Are you afraid of a little dirt on your hands???? Awwww!!!!

  38. Renatubie13 says:

    Is there not any idle jets to be cleaned there? After working on 125cc dirt bikes that’s the first thing I would clean.

  39. My mower is same as the one on video , my mower swallow to much gas , when i fill it drains out but not empty and its like hesitating when im cutting my lawn , when gas gets low pretty fast it looses power like shutting off , how much money for parts to change on my mower

  40. Should've cleaned out the jet better. The bowl nut has porting and a jet built into it, its how the fuel actually gets to your engine. Also shouldn't use carb cleaner with bare hands. Very harsh stuff and very bad for your skin

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