Watchs SALE All about watches Repair- HD 28 pulling the neck for a reset.

Repair- HD 28 pulling the neck for a reset.

Another part of the repair process on a 70’s HD-28 that I evaluated earlier ( In this video, I’m pulling the neck in prep for a reset. I talk a little about the popsicle brace, too after I discover a crack.

BONUS- pulling the neck on the Guam D-41 at the end.

The video is “live” with minimal editing. It’s long. I talk a lot. There’s a lot of good information, but you’ll have to pay attention.


4 thoughts on “Repair- HD 28 pulling the neck for a reset.”

  1. jdcrowe82 says:

    Yes!!!!!!! I've been waiting to see this. Awesome!!!!!!! If you're not a certified Martin repairman, you should be or they should at least recommend you to everyone in your area. It probably costs money to become certified by Martin & with your skill & the amount of business you get already, that wouldn't really be of much benefit to you. Thanks so much for these videos!!!!!!! I feel much more confident to fire up my steam genie or find me a good pressure cooker now!!!!!!! I'm glad to find out that a lot of the things I thought I knew were indeed true. I've also learned some new tips & tricks & I thank you very much for that!!!!!!!

  2. This last couple weeks been like gold nuggets galore

  3. Man, you really know your stuff. I've been a fan of yours for years.

  4. Lexonn says:

    Today I've decided to finally remove the bridge from Indonesian Epiphone EJ-200.
    I've used iron with cardboard covered with aluminum foil.
    Damn thing got tiny cracks in front and on the back of the bridge.
    I'm sure this is not my fault as I've been heating it very carefully, and the slits between bridge and top became narrower.

    I think this bridge is epoxied.
    I've moved much deeper, but just can't get my feeler gauge past many points.

    What would you advice, dear Bryan?

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