Watchs SALE All about watches Repair Rust Holes in your car. How to weld.

Repair Rust Holes in your car. How to weld.

How to weld and Repair Rust Holes in your car using this method which will work on all types of rust holes or rot in your car. Also a quick guide on how to get good results using Mig welding. Step by Step walkthrough on this repair, Any questions please ask me!

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34 thoughts on “Repair Rust Holes in your car. How to weld.”

  1. Sblexls says:

    Thumbs up bro! Love watching your videos and wish you plenty of success with your channel. You got my support all the way! Best of luck with your upcoming videos and always stay safe when you’re working. Can’t wait for new content to post!

  2. Web Surfer says:

    Great job, your videos are all great, keep up the good work!

  3. jeepman012 says:

    Great Job and thanks for all the tips,

  4. Tony92x says:

    Whoa! Very nice work

  5. Well trying to get raid of the rust was a completely waste of time

  6. danthor45 says:

    why did you make a rusty part, and then repair it.
    go to a junk yard there is a lot of rust you can fix

  7. as a welder, the welding in this video made me cringe

  8. mack 96 says:

    Just watched the bonnet and wing video as well. The panel looked great to me. Reading the comments is gas.

  9. Mushmare says:

    What was the water for by the way? Nice video thankyou

  10. Why not weld the hols in then grind them down?

  11. taxid3rmy says:

    I'm not sure viewers are keen on seeing a Live DIY self blinding video, so for crying out loud, use safety glasses next time :/

  12. RCRDL says:

    wow you're a freaking pro. very entertaining

  13. Mat Joe says:

    Wow! Many thnx man! Thumbs up!

  14. John McHenry says:

    One of the best videos ever on how to actually repair it fast ,cheap and good 👌🏼

  15. I have a rust hole similar to this in my legacy. How do you prep the backside of the panel to prevent "re-rust"? The spot I have is on the rear fender and not accessible from the back side.

  16. Why not fiberglass? Actually we don-t need welder in any home.

  17. What about a couple of tips on blending paint like back Quarters and stuff I find it very hard blend any pointers tips or even vids? Good job tho

  18. Bob Van sand says:

    Great tips for measuring , thx bro! 🇧🇪😎Bob the Belgian

  19. Joe Atwork says:

    It's really a shame that you get so many genius' that seem to know all about everything. 99% of the folks that watch are thankful for you sharing your knowledge. What spare gun and compressor are you using?

  20. deltiod65 says:

    thank for taking the time to help us out, have a great day!

  21. Honza B says:

    Why not fiberglass as first filler? That would be my first choice. Then soft yellow.

  22. xraylax says:

    Excellent repair.
    what would you do about protecting the bare metal on the inside of the panel where the rust actually came from?

  23. walle026 says:

    you dont use 80 sandpaper on cars lmao, it will scratch everything

  24. Niu Niu says:

    educational informative! thanks for sharing!

  25. Uğur Karal says:

    video çekeceğim diye arabanın anasını s.ktin amk

  26. Land Cruiser says:

    Nice repair. Don't mind the haters, I've seen far worse.

  27. Moritz Fiege says:

    Do I have to wear these protection glasses when I watch you welding ? I mean at my iPad here

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