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Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive

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Music video by Rihanna performing Shut Up And Drive. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 32,829,634. (C) 2007 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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25 thoughts on “Rihanna – Shut Up And Drive”

  1. Sima Zay says:

    I miss this Rihanna

  2. Metin Aydın says:

    Lan yıl olmuş 2018… duygulandım amk, NFS Carbon oynarken az dinlemezdim bunu

  3. Timothy Kemp says:

    "parts are parts."   collections will be seeking parts from those in debt, giving literal meaning to the phase, lied their asses off.   Fat asses will used for Tylers Durdons department store soap.

  4. Poxa Rafaa says:

    Nostalgia pura 😍

  5. Dronado FPV says:

    cool if i use this on an fpv video? it's an abandoned police department…

  6. I hope Orgy got a cut of the money made from this song, since they stole the guitar part from Blue Monday….

  7. Duby Wuby says:

    I was literally gonna look this up mainly because of Wreck it Ralph but for some reason I didn,t but now I just found it.

  8. Who's with me?2018? I Know i am not alone

  9. JoJo Lane says:

    Every inch of her is perfect. 💕

  10. Oh my poor child mind thinking this was about racing

  11. Quem lembra quando passava na mix tv..

  12. how the meaning changes once youre old……..

  13. Janeah Lim says:

    The innocence left my body when I found out his wasn’t even about cars.

  14. I didn't care what the song was about, if the squad is doing something hype- ON GOES THIS SONG.

  15. Throwback to when we all thought it was about racing cars

  16. alyssa vs tati anyone? ❤️ one of the best lip synchs of all

  17. Ecordio lexa says:

    Gender Stereotype ? SHUT UP And DRIVE !!! 💥

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