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ROCKET CAR | Scrap Mechanic #1

Watch me build the greatest smiley face rocket car in Scrap Mechanic!

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Outro animation created by Cranbersher:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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46 thoughts on “ROCKET CAR | Scrap Mechanic #1”

  1. Connect the button to the seat so you activate it with 1,2,3 etc

  2. Jack is a BOSSSSS and funny

  3. Mixup 221 says:

    You should play the game again they added a bunch more features like guns explosives tools and you can download mods on the workshop that add stuff like boyancy and aerodynamics it also looks a lot more polished

  4. King Seaweed says:

    if you like this then play robocraft!

  5. says:

    lol he sais chweels

  6. Mohd Raed says:


  7. Mason Ronan says:

    it's like sort of a minecraft 2. you have an inventory, there's a creative mode, you have to "place" things, you get the idea.

  8. Thomas Lee says:

    Put engine with gas!!!!!!

  9. Cookie_ says:



  11. FromDarkness says:

    Hey 👋 I just got off work going home today I have some lunch 🥙 was the day you that we are had to get a little something relse I will have it for lunch 🥙 is the time to be done I will be back at the office at three and I can get them for lunch if I have to get a little extra money to go to pick it you guys have to come home today and get some gas I’ll get you a check for tomorrow at work and I can will come back in a minute I or whatever else you want me and to pick up the some stuff that I’m I you can I have get a hold of your phone mom and then I will let you know when I get home I have

  12. Jack Will you play with me some time

  13. consistent logic admission iybaes stadium difficult scheme tremendous eat cover bother.

  14. zoom egg says:

    jack you can billd plane

  15. Rolarth says:

    jack's first vehicle in this game, a wooden go-kart

  16. Oh jack, your such a noob in every game.

  17. SSM vlogs says:

    Jack u r not a scrap mechanic u is a crap mechanic

  18. Kane Estler says:

    PLAY VAMPRY PLZ I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU PLAY IT I THINK YOU WOULD LIKE THE GAME its a story but has action in it to and you can change the outcome of what happens hope you see this message

  19. يبن التيت عشرين مليون

  20. his name is: Grayson cushman

  21. Alleyxan says:

    Hahahaha jack is 4 year old hahahaha ;D

  22. watch the intro in 0.25x XD XD XD

  23. Manuel Rivas says:

    You have to connect the thrusters to the driver seat

  24. If you put two small things you gee ne big thig but opposition with humans put two big things to make one little thing XD

  25. Caleb Lord says:

    Hi Jack your videos are so funny

  26. Play now soooooo much more updatesssssss!!!

  27. Problem to the mega wheely thruster truck: You never want to connect the engine directly to the wheels… or it will juat go flying. connect to the driver seat, then the drivers sea to the wheels.

  28. BlueSnake says:


  29. Pug Donut says:

    You can build a plane

  30. He doesn’t connect the steering wheel to the engien

  31. Why u don't use ur blue screen

  32. Alisia Frame says:

    minecraft mc naveed x-men mod

  33. When he made the big of road vehicle I was raging and screaming cos at one point nothing was connected to the chair 😂😂

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