Watchs SALE All about watches Rolex Watch Repair Part 2/2.

Rolex Watch Repair Part 2/2.

WARNING!. Only watchmaker Experts as rapidly changing times.

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34 thoughts on “Rolex Watch Repair Part 2/2.”

  1. HAM STAR says:

    how mutch to repair a hr work like that ?? i have a hublot king power and it dropt XD

  2. I'm going to disassemble my watch now

  3. per me che da 40 anni coltivi la passione per gli orologi questo sito e i suoi contenuti sono fantastici

  4. Peter Black says:

    looks like a shit eta movement i only like ap watch

  5. tengo muchos relojes suizos japoneses y alemanes yo mismo los reparo es la mayor satisfacción desarmarlos en su totalidad saludos desde medellin

  6. JI SA says:

    Amazing skills of a very trained professional. Great work.

  7. crateyour123 says:

    how much did it cost to repair it?

  8. ช่างฝีมือดีมากครับ

  9. Fran Chan says:

    good watch needs good work

  10. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍veramente bravissimo ! Ciao

  11. WarOfTed says:

    Only watching such video like this will make you appreciate a good watch ;>

  12. pavy415 says:

    Should be titled build your own rolex -_-

  13. Старый, советский зек, часовщик. Учил меня такому делу. 

  14. An Extremely a very nice job.

  15. Peet Dokbua says:

    เก่งมากครับ เป็นช่างอยู่ที่ไหนครับ ผมมี Rolex หลายเรือนเผื่อไปใช้บริการ

  16. Smith Jessy says:

    Yeah, proffesional! Even my watch from buistore is ok, I would like to save this video, because of its amazing skills.

  17. Where's the power source ?

  18. J L says:

    Freakin Amazing! No wonder they charge so much for repair.

  19. Everyone who has made a statement such as "If I'm paying so much for a watch it shouldn't have any problems"… This is a mechanical watch. It is a mechanical device with tight fitting precision moving parts. Moving parts that are very small and very delicate. Moving parts do gradually wear, and in such a tight fitting configuration are potentially subject to damage from being struck or dropped.

    If you're going to pay anything more than $100 dollars for a watch, you'd best treat it as carefully as you can, and any mechanical watch will need serviced to keep it running optimally. If you abuse such a timepiece, prepare to suffer the consequences.

  20. lallope says:

    Thank you for video. very interesting. An incredible watch that is so under rated is the orient watch. I have had two. After my first I had to get a second. Of course curiosity killed the first. But needless to say my present one if my favorite and it keeps time perfectly. It may loose a few seconds in a week witch is outstanding for any watch regardless of price.

  21. hansen4 says:

    Very interesting video, but what was being repaired ? Nothing was mentioned. !!!
    The video demonstrated how to disassembel a Rolex Oyster Date Chronometer, and how to put it together (speeded up) – My Rolex, bought 12th May l967 still
    works as when it was new, and is being cleaned and lubricated every 5 years.
    It is a ROLEX OYSTER-PERPETUAL DATEJUST Superlative Chronometer
    Officially Certified (printed on the dial), with a white gold bezel.

  22. flavio maia says:

    I think that the watch was poorly lubricated…

  23. Snurby Henry says:

    I must say I had a date just for the past 12 years it never gave me any bother and only gained 1 minute per week and sold it recently & purchased an explorer 2 I find these videos very informative and the working of the watch seem to go on forever like a never ending dismantling of all things very complicated.  I doubt very much I would ever entrust my watch to anyone other than an official Rolex repair center like this person obviously is, a craftsman a magician at play I envy you being so delicate in touch and procedure which is very methodical. Respect.

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