Watchs SALE All about watches Rossmann Repair gets ROBBED :(

Rossmann Repair gets ROBBED :(

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✓ Soldering Irons:
› Louis’ Hakko station(no tweezers):
› Paul’s Hakko station(works with tweezers):
› Micro Soldering Pencil:
› Hot tweezers:
› Quick 861DW hot air station:

› TS100 soldering iron:
› Recommended tips: TS-C4: TS-KU

✓ Preferred Soldering Tips
› Fine:
› Flat:
› GPU wicking:
› Micro soldering tip:

✓ Microscopes:
› Microscope:
› Barlow lens:
› LED light:
› CHEAP alternative microscope:

✓ Soldering/Repair Supplies:
› Solder:
› Desoldering braid: Goot Wick
› Flux:
› Solder paste:
› THICK insulated jumper wire:
› THIN insulated jumper wire:
› Kapton tape:
› Tweezers:
› Blades: X-Acto Knife Kit
› Freeze Spray:

✓ Diagnostic tools:
› USB amp meter:
› On-Screen multimeter:
› Multimeter Probes:
› CHEAP multimeter:
› Bench PSU: PPS2116A:
› ZXWtool:

✓ Ultrasonic Cleaning:
› CELLPHONES ONLY: Crest P230H-45:
› Branson EC cleaning fluid:

✓ Desk supplies:
› Desk:
› Chair:
› Fume Extractor:
› Work mat:
› Outlets:
› Gloves:
› Durable lightning cable:
› Fine tipped snippers:

✓ Screwdrivers:
› iPhone bottom screws:
› Macbook bottom screws:
› Torx T3:
› Torx T5
› Torx T6
› Torx T8
› Phillips #0:
› Phillips #000:

✓ Boardview software used:

› Work cam:
› Overhead cam:
› Work mic:
› Home mic:
› Microscope camera: – mine is DISCONTINUED, this is the closest one I can find.
› HDMI capture:

› We fix Macbooks & offer free estimates.
› Mail your Macbook in if you live far away!
› Manage a school district using Macs? Save money through repair, training & buyback programs!
› We offer iPhone data recovery:

› Beginner’s guide:
› Support forum: $29/mo
› In person tutoring:

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48 thoughts on “Rossmann Repair gets ROBBED :(”

  1. Fixepedia says:

    I know that guy. . He does circumstitions on the weekends, I know this because he only keeps the tips!

  2. Tee Bee says:

    upvote for having hot tech chick working in store.

    do like liquor stores and put up a security monitor they can all see plus print out the theifs picture so your employees all recognize him on sight.

  3. Chris S says:

    Well. Number 1—> Don’t stereotype black guys because of this knucklehead. Number 2—> This is New York City. The place where you CANNOT even leave your car window open a little bit on a hot day without somebody trying to steal something. Number 3—> Never ever leave an open tip jar with even a little change in it next to the entrance, like that, unattended. Number4—> Hopefully he returned the tip jar.
    Number 5—> Make your door a buzzer door where you have to buzz people in, and buzz people out.

  4. Keeping the stereotype alive….probably got the jacket the same way!

  5. Josh Jones says:

    He probaly just wanted to get you a 16:9 webcam

  6. Bottle of water… Really

  7. Stereotypes are there for a reason


  9. emsicz says:

    Did you guys notice how the security footage is well adjusted high res no noise high fps video? You get security footage of international airport where the news shows a blurred mash of colors saying "this is the terrorist's face" and you can't make out whether it's his face or his ass. Meanwhile one Mr. Rossman in his repair store has security footage where you can make out the QR code at the front door. Impressive fucking job.

  10. Centaur Myth says:

    Your shop front looks very messy.

  11. tHeplAyiER says:

    This is so sad man 🙁 for what really man – so bad what the hell man disappoint

  12. Shahab Mos says:

    its easy, use soap or was on the jar ,lets troll the thieves.

  13. Jolly rancher must taste quite foul given he decided the store owes him a tip after getting one and a free charge.

  14. hardware20x says:

    Surprised it wasn’t taken sooner, seeing as it’s Cash right beside the entrance. Hood rats like that will take anything that isn’t bolted down.

  15. next time put some razorblades on that jar.

  16. get those scumbags arrested !

  17. Chaotic N00b says:

    Poor Kevin. He always get put on blast.

  18. N1h1L3 says:

    Thief steals 25 bucks of stuff
    Video of thief makes 250+ dollars (eventually).

  19. icancto says:

    The skin color completely unrelated

  20. Danny says:

    I hate scumbags like that, seriously what did he get off of that? a few bucks in tips? I hope he goes to jail for this just to teach people like him a lesson

  21. afab munz says:

    Thiefs don't care about cameras. I have many and people still steal or try to steal stuff.

  22. Zero Tech says:

    Just goes to show you that in this day and age no good deed goes unpunished I really hope they find the guy who's did this

  23. djwilliams says:

    That is a sorry mother fucker!!!

  24. Ze Doc says:

    What does it cost to be on one Louis Rossman videos? Steal a five buck donation jar 😛 .

  25. lorenzo52877 says:

    fucking hood rat pavement apes!!!!

  26. Gregory E says:

    Report the bastards don't wait

  27. Page Fault says:

    δελ διηδμ η샃ιη.

  28. Richard C says:

    It's not the criminal record and time in prison that hurts… it's Louis' disappointment. You are APPLE to him.

  29. Duke Nukem says:

    Well, at least he didn't steal the phone charger.

  30. Diane Womble says:

    Louis, you’re a good man.

    There will always be losers in this world, don’t let the losers get you down.


  32. Programming says:

    Louis, don't let this incident change your policy. Just because bad people do bad things doesn't mean good people should stop doing good things.

  33. Adok24 says:

    You are a genuine guy man. You dont come across many people like you these days. Take care bud

  34. i always thought it was one of the dumbest things you could do, robbing a store that has something to do with tech (or any thievery to begin with.). because they will obviously be the ones with cameras.

    i had something happen to me, though i owned a restaurant. i had security cameras around the building. the restaurant was a little small, only 20 tables. i had a salad bar the was in a hall next to the kitchen then at the far end of the hall it lead to the bathroom and the emergency door. this customer goes to the salad bar, pulls out a bag from her purse, and precedes to fill the bag with a bunch of salad and toppings. then heads off to the bathroom. the thing is since the emergency door is there we have a camera there. the worse part is that it is practically eye level, because we wanted the duel purpose of seeing the salad bar. there is no way she didn't see the camera at the end of the hall.

  35. artineogda says:

    they were flirting with my dog!

  36. ElCajoia says:

    He has 86 friends so far.

  37. Cody Avant says:

    Seems dumb to steal what was probably like $35 in tips, when you could've grabbed the camera that's worth hundreds

  38. Looks like it's time to start having a register for stuff like this, someone comes in asking to charge their phone? sign the book and leave a thumbprint next to it.

  39. Jarrod Flint says:

    People like that bother me and have no place in the USA.

  40. doobz 2oon says:

    One of them i din do nuffin, with tip jar in hand

  41. redtails says:

    ah come on, you're in an industry where every battery is glued down. At least glue the tip jar to the table

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