Watchs SALE All about watches Sadhguru 2017 – Repair your body from inside! DO this everyday and see what happens

Sadhguru 2017 – Repair your body from inside! DO this everyday and see what happens

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43 thoughts on “Sadhguru 2017 – Repair your body from inside! DO this everyday and see what happens”

  1. Pramod S says:


  2. The title is misleading. Stop wasting peoples time on clickbait titles you stupid piece of shit πŸ™‚

  3. Elvis says:

    I love him because No one can seen what he see i see but can't explain….and he can ….wow …

  4. Elvis says:

    Wow………i not question he best ever known in my life

  5. I think that similarly to religion in Europe during the 20 th century, or islamic mad and backward religious leaders, there is nowadays in India and in the world, still, a lot of "so called preacher and spiritual guru", who talked as if they were wise (although it's just their job to do so). They're not really improving anybody's life (India is a place with terrible poverty and social injustice) WHEREAS any smart thinker in his 25s who's interested into motivation and spirituality, could be doing speeches on youtube that would be much more interesting deep and useful, with more answers on life than these SO WISE gurus who've little to do in their lazy lives. They're in fact rather ignorant and disconnected with reality (and even with inconscient reality) like mall's Santa Claus with no present to offer ironically. You give them attention, they give you very little. Sad
    Stick to the truth guys and don't believe all the bulshit that can be told πŸ™‚

  6. FullYetenek says:

    Love is Nutrition for the Soul.
    Bread is for the Body.

  7. Let Go says:

    PLEASE DON’T USE CLICK BAIT TITLES!!!! It’s disrespectful to Sadhguru and totally unnecessary.

  8. tennismike94 says:

    what is the music in the end?

  9. yes, Sadhguru is amazing, but the person who set up this video is shameless with this click bait, fake title. Why ????

  10. John Faram says:

    is this fucker for real???

  11. David Klein says:

    Times I feel it's a waste of time and effort leaving comments for the sheeple here. Those that know that all they need they all ready have. Those that are suckers for this card board cut out of a 'wiseman' aren't going to listen. I guess I do it for two reasons…at some point the disgust needs venting and more importantly that there Must be a few out there close to making that realization that they don't need this fakir or his homilies. Again…you have all you need. Reach out to GOD with a sincere heart and his peace will enter you…perhaps not immediately…sometimes we have work to do. But God never gives you more than you can handle!

  12. JUNGO says:

    THIS IDIOT IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!every guru thinks they have the answer which they really have the same answers as we all do….he is a generic and notΒ  as smart as you think……most gurus as they are called are not as smart as you think….it's the idiots who are laze enough not to try opening more of their brain powers by reading, studying, and understanding!basically, this idiot did the same thing as you and I would do….these guys take ideas from here and there and combine it and add their ideas making it look and sound intellectualwhich in reality, not too intelligent but more general life learning issues an average human beings can do…..

  13. What's the music at the end of the video?

  14. RRXing says:

    "According to our instruments you are dead!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Marie Montes says:

    Anyone seen the actual instruction for what you're supposed to do everyday..(?) or did I miss it?

  16. Aman A says:

    He talks a lot of waffle with no actual advice…

  17. how many ads are enough. you don't even own the content!

  18. Samuel Alder says:

    all the people asking: do what everyday?

    Be in touch with your core self, beyond your minds chatter, everyday, go really deep, deeper than you can, into the non physical heart / soul of all existence.

  19. Shirina Lbn says:

    what is the track's (name and artist name ) that u used at the end of the video please? thank u in advance …

  20. Ms. Voicer says:

    Hey! Where is that hairy naked guy? Click bait!

  21. So much Intelligence
    Im so Grateful for this age of knowledge and Technology

  22. So how do u meditate and let the world go to find the inner peace to activate your self from within.. I’m asking this seriously..

  23. 7 advertisement and false title

  24. Ssonya Singh says:

    GOD tells us all ……………………To…. Do…… MEDITATION <3

  25. Great talk; misleading title. There is no take-away to β€œdo” every day.

  26. Vasili Vasi says:
    [ orthodox faith ] [ yoga ] [ magic ] [ devil ] [ abortion ] [ UFO ] [ rock music ] [ horoscope ] [ science & religion ] [ angels ] [ fasting ] [ ascesis ] [ photos ] [ books ] [ elders ] [ news ] [ index ]

  27. heber moreno says:

    finally a sympathetic, down-to-earth guru capable of make people laugh! And free of all that annoying, unnecessary solemnity around him.

  28. Love Sadhguru…hate False Titles, so thumbs down

  29. I dont think so.. Monks and other who perform meditation always get thin and weak body. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  30. Click bait !!! Saghguru is amazing, no need to trick people to get them to watch with bullshiy titles !!!

  31. Do gamma Rays everyday.

  32. E. S. says:

    So this fake guru kills his wife, quickly cremates her body before an autopsy can be done then claims to be some sort of enlightened guru. You sheep on this channel need to stop following this fraud. He will lead you to ruin.

  33. This dude gives me the creeps. These indians are creepy looking they look like a nightmare.

  34. Rusty Lanky says:

    My smartphone switched off and both of us are meditating right now.

  35. get off your computers and smartphones . there's a start….

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