Watchs SALE All about watches Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Guide. Any Bitcoin Inside?

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Guide. Any Bitcoin Inside?

How To Disassemble/Teardown The Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Video Guide! Any Bitcoin inside?

Tool set:

iFixit Tool Set:


Heat Gun:

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42 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Disassembly Teardown Repair Video Guide. Any Bitcoin Inside?”

  1. Понятно у них в отличии от нас не было кружков по порче материала.

  2. В детстве парню игрушек не покупали… теперь он нормальные вещи курочит.

  3. Shuhao Lu says:

    did the phone work afterwards?

  4. So disapotinf. Charging port melt on mainboard. So cheap and dummy…

  5. Ridan Killy says:

    i don't see the 1000 dollars

  6. Bang Ucup says:

    others want to, this is even dismantled.
    always success

  7. FACT z says:

    Overall this video is well made for disassembly video . However you should include a dialog do not follow what you did to prevent people losing warranty .

  8. FACT z says:

    Do NOT open the device yourself . You will end up voiding warranty on brand new phone . And even if you closed it back . Your phone no longer has IP68 rating on ur device and voids your warranty . TRUST me if you open the device and take it to Samsung to repair They will notice it no matter how clean it is . Technology improves so does the detection system if somebody opened the device or not . If there's issue just take it to Samsung while you have warranty . They will diagnose the device for you and close it back with IP68 rating right back on your device .

  9. Ubaid Rehman says:

    can this will reassemble again?

  10. Noob Fury says:

    Hey man I'm just wondering whether you know what's underneath the top microphone of the S10? I kinda accidentally poked it with the sim ejector instead of putting it in the sim tray hole. I'm worried some kind of mesh underneath was damaged. The ejector pin was all the way in the mic btw.

  11. Live SJ says:

    a completely pure plastic cell phone

  12. Hello pwrdbykyank, do you think i can damage anything or break somekind of water proof "seal" if i, for example, insert the sim card tool in the hole next to the correct one? I think it's the secondary mic and i inserted there :(. I was in a dark room and by mistake did that stupidity. Thank you. Excellent video by the way! Cheers.

  13. Display won't work anymore. Jerry Rig tested it.

  14. Basir salimi says:

    IF you damaged the Charging port or microphone you have to buy a new mobile. Any body else think on this ?it’s unrepairable

  15. Kito says:

    wow great video. rip s10 plus :).

  16. Ng chu ping says:

    Is there any adhesive on the copper foil of the LCD? Is the LCD still works after the separation?

  17. Tia Cain says:

    How to remove literally anything from the S10+:

    "There's some adhesive under here. Just pry it off"

  18. On_The Road says:

    Why didn't you power it up ? 🙂

  19. Nahrain says:

    Now i don't have to wait jerryrigeverything video
    Thank you

  20. fNeLHaLibE says:

    Wow, didnt think the vapor chamber is that small compare to the razer phone.

  21. Sia Lee says:

    so good video. can you test in the last?

  22. Stealth FPV says:

    You forgot to show one crucial thing powering the phone back on to see if everything works the way it should from the factory😂😂😂😂😂

  23. Внутри как китайский гомно

  24. Mad Mike says:

    better mate 20 pro…..anyway huawei was 1st on the revers charging

  25. Why u disassemble that phone?! Make a giveawey or something like this and not to damage it. It won't be waterproof after this.

  26. The ribbon cables pop off just like a Lego ~ Zack – JerryRig Everything

  27. Shoot2kill29 says:

    0:38 plastic pry tool?? You mean guitar pick

  28. yuvraj verma says:

    Why u break this give it to me

  29. hesham8459 says:

    Great video, one thing I did not like is how you could not put the heat dissipation tape back to normal position and kept holding it and hiding it under your thump even when putting back the phone together.. unnecessary move, you should fix it back correctly as it is important for correct heat dissipation. Nice try though!

  30. Now that you've taken the s10+ apart and put it back together, check to see if it's water resistant still. Us viewers would like to know.

  31. D3str0yer888 says:

    Doesn't seem thaaaaat complicated to replace the battery compared to some other devices, which is a good thing if you plan on keeping it for some time.

  32. Nowell V says:

    Wtf. If the charger broke …. the replacement is the whole board?! Damn

  33. retarded phone lmfao its ugly af and its not even that much better then a note 9 fuck off xD ill wait for the note 10 because this garbage isnt obviously worth it 😀 !

  34. Wow, the display still worked after you separated it from the midframe? Those dents and rips on the copper layer seems suspicious to me. 😀 I always use some glue solvent and a hot plate to remove it, and I always start from the battery hole on the midframe. Looks way more secure to me to do it that way (note: I only separate displays with broken glass from the frame). And yeah that integrated dock panel tho, we are srewed. 😀

  35. Yurii222 says:

    Ну и за что тут 77 тысяч?

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