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Samsung VCR Repair Tape Stuck Will not Eject

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35 thoughts on “Samsung VCR Repair Tape Stuck Will not Eject”

  1. Sir, my Sony X317MJ model doesn't have any toothed wheel like that in video to rotate but the tape is still stuck and doesn't come out

  2. Bev Lach says:

    This was a fabulous video and saved me lots of time and agony!!!!

  3. john Doe says:

    If tape is damaged, simple open vhs cassette (remove screws) careful careful, take of cover without spilling tape, cut diagonally out the bad section, splice tape with scotch tape, its fixed, done !

  4. Thanks Leonard, besides the annoying words flying around the screen this method worked for me. Needed wind the worm gear down so the heads moved towards the tape then needed to wobble the tape to help enable the gear to move more so the tape would be ejected

  5. Rich Horsey says:

    This was very helpful.  thank you.

  6. I have the Sharp VC-965. That gear will NOT turn. So the tape is still stuck.

  7. Reaper106 says:

    will this work with Sharp VC-H956

  8. CubsFan12 says:

    Are you a mute? People should actually speak when doing these troubleshooting videos. Much easier to understand…

  9. Joel M says:

    The head drum being dirty has not a thing to do with the mechanism not ejecting a cassette

  10. thanks for the share, any chance of how to rebuild the assembly for the tape transit please? samsung general vcr would be helpful, thanks in advance.

  11. I'm not usually critical when someone is helping me, but as an educator and a desk top publisher, the method used to put the text on the screen is not at all good. It's too slow and very distracting. Looks like someone was trying to impress with the effects and it backfired. Please use a simple method.

  12. Thank you so much this helped out a lot

  13. Useful, but please spare us from the titles special effects: totally unneeded!

  14. RT Rey says:

    My Hitachi  VRC/DVD player will not eject the VHS tape ..I push the on button and the player comes on for about 20 to 30 sec then turns itself off  any suggestions  ? ?

  15. That was really helpful. Thanks a lot!

  16. Mario Schmit says:

    Thank you for this support

  17. Anne Prinn says:

    Unfortunately I didn't see this before removing the tape my self. Didn't wind the gear but managed to encourage (force) the tape out without anything seeming to break. I must have sprained something though because now every tape ejects as soon as it is put in!
    Any helpful suggestions re how to fix this would be gratefully received!

  18. lexy1918 says:

    Thanks~My granddaughter and I just used your tutorial to remove a tape and now the machine is working! Strong victory for an 8 year old.

  19. What was the purpose of the scotch? Because after you still crush the tape with the lid.

  20. I have to fix my VCR player since it won't eject the tape and I think it may be the pulley belt which is small. If it is broken I will have to look for replacement parts if that is the case or the heads may need cleaning otherwise. Thanks for sharing this information.

  21. Ta Lee says:

    was helpful, got the tape out thanks

  22. howie1945 says:

    if tape is ruined, don't discard it, you can splice it. look on u-tube for splicing tapes. you will lose a few frames.

  23. John283T says:

    This helped a little. My tapes come out but the tape itself is stuck in the VCR. I can get it loose, but it keeps happening.

  24. rklewis2 says:

    Okay, that's handy to know.  But, what if the root cause isn't dirty connections?  What would be the cause then?

  25. slider728 says:

    Thanks my man!  The worm gear trick made all the difference for me!

  26. Tricia1587 says:

    I learn something new,thank.I want to know how you did that with the words.

  27. thankyou so much for making this video you have saved my 2nd birthday tape that has so many memories of my grandmum i am so grateful to you for having made this clip it helped so much truly a great person

  28. This was a big help and saved an old family videotape! Thank you!

  29. Thank you so much this truly helped me! And saved my family tape!

  30. Pedro Pons says:

    Thanks this saved my tape and several trips n money to the repair shop. Woo Hoo.

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