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Scorpio April 2019 – Relationship Repair

Hi Scorp,

This video may resonate with you if you (or someone you know) have a Scorpio sun, moon, rising or venus sign.

This is your General Intuitive Energy Reading for April 2019.

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Love & Light,

Chandler Christine

4 thoughts on “Scorpio April 2019 – Relationship Repair”

  1. Shane Recka says:

    I’m a Libra however have a lot of Scorpio energy and resonate with Scorpio sometimes more than libra. I feel like all of this is accurate in my life right now, more healing and personal growth. You do a wonderful job with readings, thank you 🙂

  2. Aqua cross watcher here. Scorpio woman left Me about a year ago, for a criminal SCUMBAG dopedealer GANGBANGER. Now, I hear from her neighbors, that he's beating her. I want to pound this FOOLS head into the dirt.

  3. What a great reading thank you so much

  4. Eaglefire says:

    Thank you Chandler. Great , inspiring reading. Resonates so well.You look empowered, as if you have been through a challenging time, and been transformed through it. Scorpios sense this ! I really miss Nova, who looked exactly like my old Birman "Babette", who lived to almost 20.God i loved her. I think i will have another one like Nova again one day. So much joy. Best wishes and much love from Australia in Autumn.

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