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Scrap Mechanic – INSANE Hovercraft

My hovercraft on Scrap Mechanic.

Scrap Mechanic is on Steam:…

22 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic – INSANE Hovercraft”

  1. Hey, I have a plan, assuming this still works after the sensor update, I have a build we can be working on together ;P

  2. Ana S says:

    Woah how to I get first person view while driving???

  3. Flabaliki says:

    Damn dude, that's awesome! So fast

  4. gunnerkobra says:

    I made a tutorial for this machine, check my videos!

  5. this is awesome… you are a genius!

  6. bronney says:

    Hey bro, I tried copying this.. I think I got it down. The controllers on the 4 legs feeds back to control the sensor arms and sensors angles yes? Come on, gimme the magic default and activate angles prease 😀 I am using 30, act -15 for the arms. And -75, act -15 more for the sensors. Help yes? I got this far 😀 TIA

  7. MAXCASH34 says:

    wow awesome ! it took me some time but i recreate your hovercraft and it's amazing how easy it is to fly with

  8. zanesmith666 says:

    Cool, don't show anyone how to fucking make it though, whatever you do

  9. Raajur says:

    So I recreated this awesome hovercraft piece-by-piece (by pausing the video, recreated the bottom when you tipped over) – however, I had to add a bit more weight to mine for stabilization so that it wouldn't fly off and go crazy. Did they change weights or something for certain materials? It'd be great if you shared a video showing how you setup your two bearings in the controller settings for your sensor arms. Even though I believe I got it correct, I'd love to see how close I got to getting it right. Other than that, this craft is AWESOME! Such sharp turns, and it can scale mountains and hills amazingly. Great job.

  10. Karma0_o says:

    c'mon dude I'm trying to make this hovercraft 2nd day in a raw, pls give me tutorial

  11. Janos Bovem says:

    it`s too good to be real

  12. gbishel says:

    Coul you make intructions please?

  13. xisumavoid says:

    Thats actually incredible 😀 Bravo!

  14. Lucas Straub says:

    Wow? thats amazing!

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