Watchs SALE All about watches Scrap Mechanic – Ramp Challenge!

Scrap Mechanic – Ramp Challenge!

The new game that has caught a few of us off guard due to how friggin fun it is! Scrap Mechanic. In this first attempt at a video we make vehicles for the sole purpose of reaching the stars via ramp.

Scrap Mechanic – Ramp Challenge!

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33 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic – Ramp Challenge!”

  1. jedder says:

    Oh yeah. I'm buying this game as soon as I can.

  2. heavy handed says:

    this is so cringy to watch now after you see the crazy stuff they build later on

  3. The last few weeks ive been constantly re-watching Neebs series so… back again for more scrap mechanic!

  4. Y’all R losin yo charm!

  5. I think i'd have fun playing this game c:

  6. +Neebs Gaming, why is this video 11/68 if it's the first Scrap Mechanic video you guys made? Just curious………….

  7. Dude Itsjeff says:

    Whoa was this the first scrap?? I’m deep diving tonight

  8. I didnt know appsro made mad mario!?

  9. CrabMeat says:

    Whoo bajeezes the manmade platforms were big!

  10. Simon everything is better with beer

  11. The_Superhoo says:

    Simon observing and judging really makes this series

  12. try using beyblayds guys!

  13. At 5:30 I shat myself laughing

  14. Neebs gaming you should do GTA and scrap mechanic.

  15. dogslimo rp says:

    Well were all experts now

  16. Joshua Glenn says:

    you guys should totally redo this challenge but while yall build your cars have the extra build a road leading up to the ramp so that it is a smoother aproach

  17. Nitro says:

    "Just like minecraft" THAT'S EACACTLY WHAT I SAID

  18. Justin Good says:

    They deserve 9 million more subs

  19. Froot Spyder says:

    Jesus neebs! "I have 4 thrusters and I went shit distance, I have three minutes to change it up" adds more useless wait

  20. Apprso was so optimistic!

  21. You should revisit this idea.

  22. Is very funny!!😂😂 I love your video😍😍

  23. Josh Cc600 says:

    I'm with Simon, never want to play this but will watch all day

  24. Sude23 says:

    I guess you could say Simon is on a ramp-page

  25. Ifreemzie says:

    This game is complicated as shit

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