Watchs SALE All about watches Scrap Mechanic – The Labyrinth!

Scrap Mechanic – The Labyrinth!

SImon and Neebs are put to the test as they attempt to make it through a labyrinth.

Thanks Metellus! Try the labyrinth yourself! –

Scrap Mechanic – The Labyrinth!
#scrapmechanic #axolot

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39 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic – The Labyrinth!”

  1. Simon's a fucking moron. Lol

  2. when i think of the word labyrinth i think of the Labyrinthian tomb from skyrim

  3. Chris_F says:

    Simon I fucking love you! Labyrinth is a shit film……..Finally me and someone else!!!

  4. Chad Boerma says:

    @simon go try Pan's Labyrinth!

  5. Frothy Lions says:

    "let's paint man, I'm practicing"

  6. Roxy says:

    tears of laughter from simon being stuck in tunnel in 3rd person

  7. Neebs why u gotta paint the red ball green

  8. You will bow to Bowie

  9. I've always been a Simon fan until the beginning of this video and he shat on labyrinth.

  10. You'd think after all this time of Simon watching them play he would pick up some sort of knowledge

  11. It was Neebs he cant eddmitt it

  12. Shayne Rawls says:

    Thumbs down for Simon's attitude

  13. Communism is the awsner to the riddle

  14. john wayne says:

    How dare you insult the masterpiece that is the labrynth !! Simon!!!

  15. Animeaniac says:

    I straight up fucking love you guys deserve soooo many more subscribers and recognition than you've already got.

  16. Knuckles says:

    How do magnets work?

  17. DOOM MARINE says:

    I don't know how Simon the dumbass he is he knows Roman numerals and I'm 12 and know more Roman numerals

  18. Do a shooting range video with the patato gun

  19. Shaiq-N Baiq says:

    Lol that was some OG Wolfenstein sounding music at the beginning

  20. tyler melton says:

    i like greek mythology to

  21. Sorry Doraleous, but I would pay good money to see you guys do an escape room

  22. Zeke King says:

    I hate labrynth the movie.

  23. Juana Gomez says:

    do the spud gun update

  24. Simon, Labrynth is awesome. You're a shitty movie

  25. thegoof171 says:

    Stop Swearing! my son is 5, and loves you, watches 5 videos a day! help ur fans

  26. B S says:

    Simon is the only thing I despise about this channel

  27. Needs will you do a face reveal

  28. Itsya Boi says:

    Update the scrap playlist please kind sirzz

  29. im so happy this channel exists and simon

  30. did anyone else like celebrate when simon learned how to crouch jump?

  31. Liegeois23 says:

    Please do a fnaf build where you make your own animatronics

  32. Le Sam says:

    Does Simon have a channel? Because I love his sarcastic deadpan bullshit

  33. You guys should try Trailmakers, its kind of like scrap mechanic only with a much bigger sandbox and more tools

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