Watchs SALE All about watches Scrap Mechanic – Water!

Scrap Mechanic – Water!

Our very first Scrap Mechanic mod. Water. What comes along with it is the result of ridiculous imaginations.

Scrap Mechanic – Water!
#scrapmechanic #copsandrobbers

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38 thoughts on “Scrap Mechanic – Water!”

  1. have i overstayed my welcome?

  2. Joe Gerhard says:

    Simply the funniest episode ever..

  3. Came for nessy. Stayed for the sweet tea.

  4. mike f says:

    Race for the ☕/ sweet tea



  7. Sam Stickell says:

    I'm drinking sweet tea

  8. panda snack says:

    i lived on the airfoce base on guam 😛

  9. Kitty Tom says:

    6:22 “Do yall have any sweet tea on that boat?”

  10. This is close to two years old and it’s still stupidly funny!

  11. EvilNecroid says:

    omg nessy talking LOL

  12. Pirats of the carribiean all over agin starting with neebs maybe all 8f you guys should do the map again but pirate of the carribean theme and then do a battle with the ships and make sure the ship goes gown

  13. We should make a sweet tea meme

  14. heavy handed says:

    its funny that neebs info tab said "sites that will make you wet" i could think on some.

  15. insta chill says:

    i wonder what your mothers think of you

  16. B. Happy says:

    Revisit captain sniffle's boat to have explosives?

  17. MrJustinArt says:

    Now you can make ships with cannons 😀

  18. Kim says:

    It has turtles!!!!!!……. The turtles are dead….

  19. what is the name of the mod?

  20. I just rewatched the video…
    If this is a southern seamonster wouldn't it be named Tennessie?

  21. Years later and I still rewatch this

  22. Nik Son says:

    You guys need to redo this with the new buoyancy mod

  23. POOTIS13 says:

    the poop deck isn't where you poop…

  24. DanniSu says:

    The Nessie talking in this video along with Simon's laugh is hilarious!! 😂

  25. RPG says:

    Just rewatched this and laughed just as hard as the first time. GOLD.

  26. 574OFFROADAK says:

    quite honestly the hardest and most often I've laughed at a vid in a long time. Much obliged.

  27. Matt Soto says:

    Hey guys wth is the follow up to this and the theater episodes? My life is shit

  28. Here from the latest podcast!

  29. It's the lockness monster

  30. Haven't seen this sense 2016 and after commenting on comments in 2018 this is one of the funniest videos

  31. I was never a fan of Scrap Mechanic but after the last Neebcast I decided I wanted to see the "Sweet Tea" bit and was not disappointed. Must say it got quite the laugh out of me and just so happened to make my night a little better, I may even binge watch all the Neebs crew Scrap Mechanic vids.

  32. I need to get some god damn sweet tea now! Thanks guys..

  33. Neebs sound like Mc peepants as nessie

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