Watchs SALE All about watches Screen Repair – Ghost Image & Uneven Pixel Fix (16:9)

Screen Repair – Ghost Image & Uneven Pixel Fix (16:9)

EPILEPTIC WARNING – This video uses a rotation between black and white bars as well as random white noise to stimulate and even out the pixels in your display. Put on and let the video run its course. Depending on the severity of your display’s issue this may have to be played several times.

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41 thoughts on “Screen Repair – Ghost Image & Uneven Pixel Fix (16:9)”

  1. shuki1 says:

    I have a MAG Z24HD screen and was almost going to chuck it but decided to give Google a shot and found this. I was skeptical that this would work so let it run before going to sleep.
    And in the morning, the issue was gone. The only ghost images were me the first few seconds imagining / not believing they were gone. But they are and the screen returned to focus as if it were new. Thanks!!!

  2. Noah Hopper says:

    this actually seems to work unless it’s some kind of placebo

  3. Jomar Manago says:

    Does it work for note 8?

  4. MrSporkster says:

    4 hours of this cleared all the ghosting from my plasma TV!

  5. Is there one for clouds (like damaged pixels or like if you drop your phone in water and get those brighter white pixel clouds)?

  6. Davit Jibuti says:

    wow, it worked for my lg g5, gost image dissapeared from my screen.

  7. Fixed my problem, my pink fog! is gone

  8. Can it destroy my screen too? I have a burn and flackering immage on my screen (lcd) because i had an old dvd player with this black and white if there is no signal and could that help?

  9. Jason says:

    Thank you , fixed screen burn after leaving the map on for like 2 hours on my essential phone, saved me a huge headache

  10. helped fix my laptops screen

  11. No how to fix the tv last 3

  12. D Gray says:

    Anyone else see millions of tiny people fighting and then turning into skeletons

  13. ScooterBoard says:

    Thank you so so much. It fixed my monitor in just an hour. +1 Like

  14. Luca L says:

    Auto-switch to LOW quality and poor compression by YouTube makes it unusable.

  15. Artby2wenty says:

    Not sure why there is a crop to the left and the top about 20 min into the video. The top part is what I need to work to get rid of the safari burn in.

  16. N'tropi says:

    thanks a lot @DoctorScreen, this video made my day!

  17. Does this also work for Plasma? Sorry new to this. ^^

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  19. Tim C says:

    Great stuff, finally wiped out some burned in game images on my old Panasonic plasma. Perfectly fine to use for a bunch of years ahead!

  20. la esquizofrenia me hace pensar mas de la cuenta eso es lo que pasa pero no tengo ningún  problema con la policía es mas soy un buen ciudadano

  21. It works ! thank u ! I don't understand how it works but thank you ! I thought my screen was cracked, my macbook retina screen was covered with black vertical lines. I tried everything software but no way… I was about to replace my screen! Fortunately, I had no money, so I waited until I found this. After few minutes of playing this, my screen can remain clean for hours. But if, I turn off the screen or reduce to much the brightness, the problem reappears. So I play the video again, and it goes ! I hope by playing it everyday, the problem will be fixed forever

  22. ustedes inventaron muchas cosas el polígrafo

  23. nunca he estado en ninguna organización y ustedes lo saben

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  26. Lucio Brandi says:

    Worked on my.g5. 8 hour in the night and ghost effect gone

  27. I will try it tonight, hope it helps

  28. THANK YOU! It fixed the burn in on my LCD3 HTC 1M8 in ten minutes! It gets so hot that images get burnt it's the screen within 6 minutes… This video is gonna be helping me alot!

  29. I have epilepsy after watching this. I do not recommend viewing the full video duration with your own eyes.

  30. Tburn says:

    The White Stripes where amazing in this video! 2 Icky Thumbs up.

  31. Doctor screen this video to remove retention images stocked for 2 hours after watching a game . Priceless it removes them so quick and leaves my tv so clean I can't thank you enough even a burned in image was gone after 6 hours that was stocked in my Panasonic plasma vt60 for more than 6 months it works 100% better than the sliders on Panasonic itself thank you a lot

  32. Это чё за хуйня

  33. Hope this works, does this happen on the newer tv's?

  34. could you upload this for monitors with 4:3 screens…? Thx…

  35. arjun vetal says:

    Black dot on my laptop touch screen is it work?

  36. Nadir Ahmed says:

    Thx helped get rid of the faint keyboard layout on my phone

  37. the noises are reduser bu the YouTube compretion

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