Watchs SALE All about watches Seiko A827 Review – Ep 48 -Vintage Digital Watches

Seiko A827 Review – Ep 48 -Vintage Digital Watches

Another very special Seiko is up for review, the A827-6010

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8 thoughts on “Seiko A827 Review – Ep 48 -Vintage Digital Watches”

  1. Tom Hope says:

    Nice review, thanks. I'm looking for an A827 bezel insert, or complete watch, if anyone out there can point me in the right direction…

  2. Watch Geek says:

    Amazing watch and one of my favorite series by Seiko!!
    I love how you explained the functions toggle. I can only imagine the grooves on that bezel to achieve all the combinations and how well programmed everything had to be to work as it should

  3. Thanks for mentioning 😉 I was very surprised.

  4. Great video as always . The more I watch the more I get interested in LCD. Also thanks for the mention of my group RVWR unexpected and very happy you give us a shout out.

  5. I have an a829 which I imported from Florida, good chance it may have gone to space!

  6. WatchUP69 says:

    You should post this on Seiko Passion too… great and interesting review as always 🙂
    ….and thank you for the shoutout, wasn't expecting that, but proves I watch till the end 🙂 LML
    12th thumbs up from Moi 🙂

  7. Peter Trier says:

    I have own A827 twice since 1985 to about 2007 or 2008. The reason to have two watches is at the time of my sailing, regatta and match races. And used as the referee on soccer matches. I LOVE SEIKO – That's my brand!

  8. Awesome, you should have shown an image of the A829. Good vid as usual!

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