Watchs SALE All about watches Setting a watch in beat – watch repair regulating lessons

Setting a watch in beat – watch repair regulating lessons

Watch Repair Course Level 1:
Previously in this series we have been looking at regulating a watch by correcting the rate. Today we are going to have a look at setting a mechanical watch in beat.

I will demonstrate on the timing machine or timegrapher the watch showing beat error. And discuss how to resolve the problem.

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The difficulty of correcting beat error will depend largely on wether the watch has been fitted with a beat corrector or not, this video shows how to set the watch in beat even if there is no beat corrector.

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24 thoughts on “Setting a watch in beat – watch repair regulating lessons”

  1. Mike D says:

    Good work mate, well spoken and great info.

  2. Could you please make a lesson of replacing blance with studs like on etacron or seiko 6r15. It's eazy to push them out but hard to instal back. I'm not sure I'm doing it right.

  3. Great Job Mark. Love your videos and thanks for sharing your vast expanse of knowledge. I purchased your Watchmaking Classes and am thoroughly enjoying them. Keep up the good work…

  4. Thank you so much mark i have managed to get a 5.1ms beat error and a 47s+ a day down to +5 and .04 beat error i its pnly a cheepo watch so having it being this much more accurate has made me a happy man and inspired to play more im going to buy some parts and build a 6497/98 watch as i think this is cheep enough to mess with and if all goes wrong when servicing or anything like that i can just install a new movement cheeply .do you think this and also buying some old lots of watches to play with is a good way to start being a hobbiest watch repairer/ maker im so very much absorbed into horolgy recently i think its something i have to try i find it very satisfying indeed anyway thank yoh for the instruction

  5. I've moved the balance arm by mistake whilst trying to regulate my watch. Will I need to take it to a professional now as a result?

  6. Mark have you considered making your own line of watch?

  7. Thank you for your excellent video about this problem, I have a question, is there to disassemble all the watch to do this operation?

  8. The animation you included was phenomenal! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Mark!

  9. SwissPL says:

    What a great video, thank you so much!!!!

  10. Beat error: how to adjust it with this machine ?–> by just moving the inner beat adjuster and watching the machine result ?

  11. great explanation, thank you.
    Wish I had you here to adjust my pocket watch (old),
    tried to set time adjuster but guess got mixed-up with the regulator.

  12. Sir my watch pendullum is working good when i ossicilate but my watch movement is not working. I think its jam. How to correct it.

  13. Rick Strange says:

    When regulating a watch and the watch still does not keep time even with the regulator at one of the maximum positions where do we go from there? I suppose it must involve the length of the hairspring. Is it possible for you to explain how and what we should do in this situation. Many thanks for your excellent series of videos.

  14. tendrugi says:

    Hey is it acceptable to have a beat error of 0.2ms on a brand new Tudor black bay with a inhouse movement (MT5602) which is COSC certified

  15. Thanks Mark for giving names to the mechanics. I'm self taught, but from a strong mechanical and electronics background. I've always been interested in mechanical watches. I had a cheap Chinese fake of a well known Swiss brand, but would it keep time?
    It varied wildly dependent on temperature, there were no dragging or overly close parts, so either the lubrication viscosity was poor or the Balance was not Invar or similar..
    I used it to practice on but inevitably, unaccustomed to miniature mechanics as I was, I destroyed the Balance spring with a single ham-fisted slip of the screwdriver, while attempting to adjust the beat regulator. Good job it was a dreadful cheap movement, but your warning could not be more serious. Also the balance wheel itself is exposed and easy to knock or bend with sufficient force to break the delicate pivots.
    I took my 42 year old Seiko 5, with 6309? Calibre movement, to complete strip, after cursing I had the Minute wheel Bridge left over and had to strip it down again, following all your advise on lubrication and regulation, It went back together and the balance immediately started to run. The only thing is I made some kind of mistake with the Date works, now neither Day nor Date will change. I'll take it apart one day and find out what I did wrong, but it was a fun process and even though I cocked it up, I learned a lot about what I was doing and why, thanks to you!

  16. I'm A Bit Of A Technical Kind of Guy I Love Gadgets and Learning To Fix Things…Well I Took My Seiko 7S26 Diver apart and Accidentally Bent The HairSpring (My Bad) For The life of me I can't Find a Person In My Area To Service Seiko So I Did the next Best thing I Got A Hold Of Like 5 Broken Seikos OnlineThat Still Have Working Hairsprings & Balanced Cocks All In Place So I Carefully Took Old Balance Cock Assembly out Of My Divers 7S26 Movement And Replaced It Carefully In Place With The Jewels And Pallet Jewel Rite In place So Now Because Of your Videos I Was Able To Fix At Least That part Of The Watch….. Meaning If Anything Else Should Go Wrong I Probably Wouldn't Be Able To Fix It But That Part Went Beautuful Just Because Of your Wonderful Technical Work….

  17. Dan George says:

    Great video and very explained, thanks a lot.

  18. Very helpful. Thank you very much. P.S. the video illustration is most helpful especially for someone just getting started and not familiar with proper terminology.. please do a series of tune up and repair vids on antique American R.R. pocket watches.

  19. Thank you very much Mr.Mark. Appreciated

  20. m m says:

    Thanks Mark, I have learned so so much from watching your excellent videos !

  21. Thank you for your great videos.  One question though, do you not need to know the lift angle in order to correct for beat on a timegraph machine?

  22. Great vids wish i had gotten into this field of work when i was younger. Instead had to get an apprenticeship in engineering of a diffrent type 🙁

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