Watchs SALE All about watches SHOCK POLLS! Trump’s Approval INCREASES After Media Bombardment!!!

SHOCK POLLS! Trump’s Approval INCREASES After Media Bombardment!!!

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48 thoughts on “SHOCK POLLS! Trump’s Approval INCREASES After Media Bombardment!!!”

  1. al farago says:

    👍Trump 2020👍

  2. Ernest Imken says:

    A majority of the people elected the POTUS but the MSM insists they didn't. The fix was in for HRC so for DJT to appear to be in a close race meant that the real numbers were a landslide for him.

  3. I didn't vote for trump but I like him more and more because of the lies spewed about him via the msm.


  5. BBC news is WORST of CHANNELS FALSE AND MISLEADING parasites and rogues and should be shut down and dismantled by force. The wicked left-wing and the dirty feminist the lying media ie BBC CNN MSNBC etc and Evil judges are abomination in the sight of democracy.

  6. republicans are going to "own" the midterms ,..its all about economy baby

  7. James Peyton says:

    “One America News” exposes much of the corruption the Democrats have perpetrated. I have heard news here that I’ve heard no where else.

  8. Sonny Kelley says:

    Getting tired of winning all the time, we have to let the brain dead demorats win a couple .

  9. bretcarr2001 says:

    Trump and Putin versus the World Bank…The World Bank is going to get Crushed…Trump is the ultimate Renegade and I love it!!

  10. Kevin Weaver says:

    I don’t like ad hominem attacks so don’t take this comment that way. I agree with some of your videos and some I don’t agree with. So this is not politically driven as you will soon see.

    But, I have to ask you, is the hair on your head natural? Are you wearing some kind of a toupee, hairpiece or wig?

    And, in order to get a truthful answer and not have you jump through a semantical loophole, is it perhaps your own hair that has been surgically replanted on top of your head?

    I think it’s clear what I’m asking and I would appreciate an equally clear response, please. Thank you!

  11. Lizzy Jane says:

    Hi Steve. I watch you here from Chilliwack. I’m glad to here this about Trump. I think he’s a champion. But Trudeau likes to affront him for popularity. I hope this helps make Trudeau less popular!

  12. Blue Sky365 says:

    They just don't get it. We aren't listening any more.

  13. Steve Riddle says:

    The leftist should have never dropped out of school they are without a doubt blind brainwashed and dumbed-down to the ways of the world just like the Old South but now wanting to enslave the entire human race Hitler would be proud

  14. Ed Cook says:

    God Bless America and you to Donald Trump we thank you

  15. Martin Johns says:

    Since you put out this report Trump's approval rating has TANKED. He has even lost support on his beloved Rasmussen

  16. He will go down as the greatest president in history…

  17. Lynn Link says:

    Your comments about the DC Establishment is right on!  Cannot remember a time, in my long life, when it felt like LIGHT and GOD's WISDOM had anything to do with American leadership. Obvious that most of our leaders are possibly satanists.  Tried, all my life, to campaign for good people.  Ran for office.  Prayed.  Thought about often!  Started organizations for the family still in place!  Never saw improvement in DC.  It is like a big hollywood production.  Huge lie.  Most Americans are disgusted and repulsed by DC corruption.  Like it literally follows a script.  Since they get away with it decade after decade – they are clueless to the possibility that their power perches may not last forever.

  18. Lynn Link says:

    This is why President Trump and Vice President Pence, and their whole team of leaders and supporters, are beyond popular! First time in my life I see LIGHT in DC!  Even if, still in power, corrupt American leaders manage to keep the lies going – and keep their perches in place – comes a time to pay the piper!  Lies have no foundation.  America's only hope is GOD!  GOD is forever a TRUE foundation!  This is the ONLY reason America remains a Great Nation!  GOD IS the foundation for the moral heart of America!  Our current Administration reflects these facts!  Reflects GOD's LIGHT!  Because of this – can literally see the forces of hell gathered against it.  The LIGHT in DC is part of a miracle of GOD on behalf of America.

  19. I hope you're right, Dr. Steve. And if you are, I think it means we're definitely seeing a new era in information gathering: the internet is becoming a major factor, television is on the downfall and the mainstream media are in panic mode.

  20. They know exactly what they are doing. WikiLeaks documents dump proves collusion between Clinton Campaign and the press.

  21. Dr. Turley is one fine Jew they don't get any better than him.Other than Jesus Christ.

  22. crazyjr says:

    My opinion, it's the fact that the truth is always seen by the people, no matter what is said

  23. let me tell you something, the media is corrupt, owned by perverted pedophile I'm a sexual deviant billionaires. president Trump enjoys and 97% approval rating on every legitimate pole that is taken. coincidentally 3% happens to be the magic number of pedophiles and homosexual deviance in this country, I find that very interesting. you see they know that after 8 years of trump political correctness will be out the window and they will no longer have a leg to stand on.

  24. The wanna-be-King-rulers are getting desperate… they know they are living on borrowed time !

  25. Damon Craig says:

    No. These people are desperate. Fake News. Fake Polls. Fake Book Reviews. They are nothing but propagandists. Not News.

  26. The people are onto the media conspiracy.

  27. Robert D says:

    Trump 2020
    Even with ALL the great press Obama constantly received he couldn't keep up with Trump. So sad for Obama. Hahaha

  28. zeme osa says:

    Fake news from a fake channel.

  29. Steve, you are doing God's work. May you flourish!

  30. I have caved. I have to admit. I love Trump and may his wrecking ball keep swinging for the fences.

  31. So unscathed by said blitzkrieg they had to manufacture a [supposed] new poll from ABC & Wapo…

  32. Giggitygoo says:

    Even if you hate Trump personally, there's no reason to vote blue in November. Clearly the Republican economy is superior, no reason to go the opposite direction just because you don't like one man.

  33. chronic 321 says:

    good, this shows people are slowly starting to ignore the msm, and think for themselves!

  34. Polls are fake. I made more money last year than any year in my 48 year life. Im a company driver for an industry that Trump is actually attacking, STEEL and ALUMINUM. Our business is thriving and getting busier. Love my president TRUMP 2020.

  35. mahbin says:

    They just can't figure it out. The more they try to demonize Trump the more we will support him!

  36. I wondered why AT%T has starting giving their internet service to welfare bums..not only are they telling long time paying customers to go screw themselves they now want us to help pay to reach the low IQ population to help spread their brainwashing propaganda. I had direct tv turned off because I refused to pay for cnn and espn and all the other propaganda channels

  37. Me Here says:

    Do these idiots really not understand that the more they lie and misquote Trump, the more people are going to take his side. Considering some of the indiscretions and manipulations of the truth, as well as the outright lies that have been fed to the public by elected representatives in recent years, he's got a long way to go before measuring up to, we have clear evidence of WMD's and I did not have sexual relations with that woman (but I did with the ones next to her). Considering the number of people trying to find any real dirt on Trump and the truly pathetic attempts to discredit him, maybe they should wake up to the possibility they won't succeed and need to start respecting the will of the people and doing their f_cking jobs instead.

  38. S Cooper says:

    Dr. of what bullshit

  39. S Cooper says:


  40. Billy Doyle says:

    Have you ever thought MSM is lying to create a feeling of desperation in the left, so to galvanize and strengthen them.

  41. Joanne Davis says:

    I think it’s a combination of how wonderful Trump is doing as President and the fact that more and more Americans are waking up to the CIA controlled media news propaganda.

  42. That really makes my day, Dr Turley! They're on their way out those filthy bastards who have been ruining our lives for years now.

  43. Good analysis. I agree.

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