Watchs SALE All about watches Shopping at Harbor Freight New Tools! Mustang Build Vlog 2

Shopping at Harbor Freight New Tools! Mustang Build Vlog 2

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27 thoughts on “Shopping at Harbor Freight New Tools! Mustang Build Vlog 2”

  1. Mark Hanson says:

    Enough with the FUCK

  2. i like the way you put it. I'm not gonna sit around with no tools just cause i can't afford snap on.
    I'm getting some starter tools then i'll work my way up.

  3. I miss you chucking things into the shopping cart! No throwing the plasma cutter!

  4. I’ve always wondered about the harbor freight plasma cutter. It looks legit.

  5. Harborfreights earthquake 1/2 impact is a beast

  6. The 1/4 hex impact made by bauer is actually pretty good for the money I've had mine snap a lot of bits in half I'd say worth the money

  7. Halfshelhero says:

    Gets coffee from starbucks but buys tools for harbor freight………………

  8. this snap-on rep tried to get me into getting in debt with a $2k toolbox and like another $3k in tools with 19% interest rate so I bought a harbor freight socket set and a toolbox for less than a quarter of the snap-on price

  9. Lupică says:

    Néstor, AVE on YouTube has some videos taking apart the Bauer and Hercules drills/impacts from harbor freight. They are actually pretty decent according his analysis. They will last a good amount of time for the average DIY'r. Search, "BOLTR Bauer AVE". He looks at it from a technical standpoint throwing out the BS brand emotion people have from marketing.

  10. I love it! I just recently started learning how to use my plasma cutter at my shop and doing basic fabricating and its a lot of fun. Good to know the harbor freight machine came through.

  11. Most of the time with HF tools you can make a lot more money with them rather than buying expensive tools. Even if the HF tools only get used a half a dozen times.

  12. Matt Holton says:

    I have had my Bauer 1/4 20v for about 4 months now I use it every single day and it has been great I use a 3/8 on it mostly it has a lot of torque loosening bolts it was a great investment IMO.

  13. I love the harbor freight tool vlogs, I love my harbor freight tools!

  14. Harbor freight is the shit

  15. you're an inspiration

  16. I’m pretty sure you’re suppose to make the tip make contact with the metal you’re cutting.

  17. D Valdez says:

    I love your videos bro .. Im one month into my maintenance and light repair class at Mount Hood Community College and your videos have motivated me and help me out a lot already.

  18. My boy, you need a truck

  19. evan keyes says:

    I use the baur 1/4 driver with a 3/8s bit at work. Works well tbh. It’s pulled some bolts I thought it it couldn’t such as motor mounts, seized starter bolts etc

  20. Jehu Morales says:

    If I only remembered the good questions I have when you do live streams. SMH 😣

  21. Ace Repair says:

    Does the plasma cutter cut out alot?

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