Watchs SALE All about watches SNNC 246 p1 Video Tripod Repair

SNNC 246 p1 Video Tripod Repair

Machining Aluminum
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22 thoughts on “SNNC 246 p1 Video Tripod Repair”

  1. Thank God….I know what the tools is using and why…..can see what the man is doing and why…….
    But can't understand what the man is sayin…every so often I catch sometimg a bit angry…..
    Would truly love to know what all if has to say……
    Love this guy anyway….
    Kool…..:) 🙂 🙂

  2. Idotry says:

    Welding is a bit over the top! a drop of loctite would be ample strong enough and look a damn site better 🙂

  3. Hey John Your videos are well done and very interesting. 13:30.

  4. John, just run a tap down it, man!! You heard me!! Great job!! Thanks.

  5. ian coupe20v says:

    nice to see you using a spanner

  6. line10cls says:

    Hi John a Parkray is a fire not a wooden floor. I think you meant parquet.

  7. Jim's videos says:

    Old Manfrotto stuff is pretty good; newer stuff seems to be built for the beancounters rather than for photographers.

  8. apollo robb says:

    I love all my NOGA stuff. You can buy most of it from Amazon or Ebay

  9. Decent manfrotto tripod there…decent you say will last a lifetime now.

  10. Silverbullet says:

    Your a kick , John , Love the swearing cuts , hell if we don't get mad we ain't working . I've been known to throw things in the shop. Besides lots of extra expletives. Look forward to every video.

  11. TBH there is probably a market for replacement feet for the 144 and similar tripods… there seem to have been numerous variations on the theme over the years with the plastic inserts getting worse and worse! An old Manfrotto is a different (and in the view of many preferable) animal from a newer one. – The ability to use the spikes will be important to many though!

  12. That repair should last a lifetime. A very good video color and contrast wise. A very good video entertainment wise also. See you in part 2.

  13. Good part one John. Some decent swearing!

  14. hrxy1 says:

    Your video editing is getting better and better all the time, also for my old eyes the close up shots are fantastic. I wish some one else would tell paul sellers the same his camarawork is shite, i keep telling him but no imrovement. Ty john for all yr efforts

  15. That New Spanner For Repair , Is That Metric Or Imperial ??? I Truly Love The Out Takes At The Very End !!! Thumbs Up

  16. marderbeast says:

    Rather you than me welding with no gloves ya bellend ha ha !!

  17. Jusb1066 says:

    new camera is an improvement, better contrast, the other seems like it was a bit foggy in comparison, ive been viewing on a big 4k telly, we might have to chip in for facelifts for everyone soon!

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