Watchs SALE All about watches SONY CRF-320 Receiver Restoration Repair and Modification

SONY CRF-320 Receiver Restoration Repair and Modification

Detailed SONY CRF-320 repair and restoration video. This receiver is very much the same as the SONY CRF-330K, but without the tape machine. Follow along through the entire troubleshooting procedure, and learn how I discover and repair all the problems. See how the receiver performs after the alignment.

37 thoughts on “SONY CRF-320 Receiver Restoration Repair and Modification”

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  2. Paul…You're an absolute genius.. That was a very, very impressive repair and service … Also respect goes to the guys who designed that receiver…Your patience and tireless attention to detail, should produce a crop of very competent repair persons. At 70 years old I'm just starting to get my head around electronics a little.. The one thing still keeps me awake at night that I can't get my head around yet, is smoothing capacitors in power supplies. The rule is, a capacitor passes AC and blocks DC.. Yet, after a rectified AC input is sent to a capacitor, it turns out they block any AC left to produce a ripple-free, smooth DC voltage ? Is this a polarity issue ? If nothing else I suspect I'll give you a laugh at my ignorance for not being able to figure this out, ha-ha..

  3. Lordtourette says:

    I should be sleeping

  4. Hi sir I enjoy watching your repair sessions. You have explained every thing you do. Thanks and more power. 🙂

  5. Bob says:

    This is the longest video I've ever watched on youtube. Interesting from beginning to end

  6. how much would you have charged for something like this. this was a long project that few nowadays could do.

  7. quicktastic says:

    I absolutely love the amber number display on that HP. Great video.

  8. ivan polik says:

    love your videos,well analitical,,consumes a lot of time,but it is the only right way…

  9. Jane Cowling says:

    If Mr. Carlson only explained eveything once, instead of repeting the same thing over and over again, this video could be shortened by 75% I lost patience after 48 minutes.

  10. Steve Aiken says:

    Excellent work. I have one of these special radios. I like your lighting upgrade and I might do it. Thanks for the good work.

  11. Better than perfect. Obeisance…

  12. Steampilot says:

    Whish you where here!

  13. Ебать у чела аппаратуры

  14. Larry Fisher says:

    Just that easy…LOL

  15. robby rust says:

    Love all the old test equipment that I grew up with .

  16. You'll get a chuckle, or perhaps not. I used this video to get to sleep the other night. Just closed my eyes and visualized the repair and resto as narrated until I nodded off. Now it's time to see how accurate my mind's eye was.

  17. Zeproo says:

    In Europe we still have LW stations.

  18. Zeproo says:

    so pro !! weldone

  19. tatersalad says:

    3 years later and here I am watching this video. I've never seen a reciever like this but good lord sir you are a hero!

  20. Love the old Short Wave, I have an old SONY drop front mobile radio out in my shed, haven't turned her on for a few years and the spiders have probably made a hotel out of her. Think I will bring her in and try to make her a joy once more. Sadly the house we own here is sort of a Faraday Cage, no waves come in, and few escape. I don't know if it is just a dead zone or the result of the foil on the insulation beneath the siding and the steel roof we had put on after the third major hail storm tore our roof all to hell. I have tried SDR with poor results, we can, if you turn the radio just right receive our local radio station who's antenna is only about a mile from our house, but that's the limit. Sad too, as I have loved listening to Short Wave since the 60's when I found out that if you removed the 9 volt battery from your pocket transistor radio and powered her from a 6 volt dry cell you could pick up shortwave. Never really stopped to figure that out, but for about a year I had my little pocket radio taped to a big old lantern battery and I was pulling stations from all over South America and Europe, it was better, of course in my bedroom on the second floor of our old house. I found an old shortwave receiver out in the Dump Ground on one of my buddy and my weekly raids and drug her home, once I cleaned the cobwebs from her, she brought in some great Shortwave, you used to be able to find the frequencies to monitor in the back of Popular Electronics Magazine at the school library, about the only notes I used to take were those listening frequencies.

  21. A-ha! Kind of a Genova drive that drives nothing 😁

  22. Great video, takes me back to component level diagnostics form my time in the 70's.

  23. MONDAY says:

    Is this dude anywhere near Minnesota?

  24. Gilvin says:

    Wow, the troubleshooting process is smooth like butter, great job!

  25. David McGann says:

    I watched with amazement at the knowledge of electronics all the way to the end of the video. I would sell a limb to learn what this presenters knows on the topic. I think he might also look up the proper pronunciation of the word "solder."

  26. Darren Cady says:

    That was an excellent video. I watched it all the way through and was surprised to learn that two and half hours had passed! You are a genius. Not only for your electronic engineering but also for your mechanical expertise which would have caught out many. I bet you could repair clocks and watches with the same skill with which you execute electronic repair. You went above a common repair with the Sony. You improvised a perfect solution with the gearing and it is now better than original spec and for that alone I take off my hat to you. Well done!

  27. mustang7845 says:

    i have great respect for anyone who can tackle awsome repairs like this

  28. MrDwillia says:

    hurrah you said soldered correctly!!

  29. watching this from my SONY CRF-320 ❤

  30. Djp says:

    question, do you/or I need an FCC lisence to repair this item?

  31. antigen4 says:

    " … and it's just that easy … " uhhh not

  32. Hmmmm, at 2:19:20, that sounded alot like AvE, if it was, he`s getting himself about a bit

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