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StockX: How To Buy & Sell Sneakers on StockX

As the worlds first stock market of things, we’ve revolutionized the way millions of people buy and sell sneakers online. To help you understand our model, we’ve created these how-to videos to create a more vivid image for your imagination on how sneaker transactions operate.

If you’re ready to start shopping, make sure to hit ASAP.

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18 thoughts on “StockX: How To Buy & Sell Sneakers on StockX”

  1. Instructions are not clear, got my dick stuck in my cieling fan..

  2. Exclusive for International Buyers:

    Don't forget your 40 dollar💸 shipping fee with taxes and customs.😭

  3. Mateo says:

    Love the animation

  4. Since I been buying from stockx everything. Been a lot smoother for me as far as getting what I want.

  5. ARAR says:

    They dissed other resellers lool😂

  6. MoonCake says:

    I’m gonna get the triple white yeezy 350s from you soon. I can’t wait

  7. How about Stock X in Europe

  8. Pacco says:

    does StockX work in europe too?

  9. Frank says:

    Just copped some Jordan 1s and Adidas Continental 80 at my local mall. Might make my next purchase through StockX 🤔

  10. datboot jerk says:

    Casie balling ..making it rain

  11. JackeBoi _ says:

    thx, now imma sell my ow jordan 1s

  12. I cant even buy because of your stupid code on your stupid app that doesnt allow for the billing address to be different from the shipping address. And you have a very lous support. Who ever reads this, go use the GOAT app. Its much easier and the support is smarter.

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