Watchs SALE All about watches Stripdown: Seiko 4L25 – Soprod A10 for watch repair and service

Stripdown: Seiko 4L25 – Soprod A10 for watch repair and service

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First part of 2, watch me strip down this Seiko 4L25 / Soprod A10 automatic watch movement.
Part 2:

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29 thoughts on “Stripdown: Seiko 4L25 – Soprod A10 for watch repair and service”

  1. Happy new year folks. This is a stripdown video of a Seiko 4L25 to start 2018 with. I will upload the re-assembly soon. All the best 😀

  2. Juri Vlk says:

    Allow me one comment, please. The watch is unwound when you dismantle it. The watches I repair are mostly fully wound when I get them. So would be the watches of the gals and guys trying to imitate you. And when they loosen their first srew, they will all get in her face. So please mention and show how to unwind the movements first! Which by the way is a little bit tricky on a Seiko!

  3. septet9612 says:

    thanks for a good video with a beautiful movement

  4. Where is your shop, or where can I get you’re services?

  5. Mark Slafkes says:

    An absolutely beautiful video. I like your sensitivity in dismantling the movement and your selection of music which made the whole experience wonderful. Thank you very much.

  6. Nice channel, thanks for sharing. Subbed

  7. Pedro says:

    OMG I can't believe that I fixed my old seiko just watching your videos… I'm just 16 man XD Hahahaa my seiko was so fast that a minute was token in just 48 seconsd, I really dunno how I can I thank you Folk.. YOU'RE AWESOME!! Big thanks from brazil to you!

  8. Hugo André says:

    Do you know of any open-source program that allows to read daily error and beat error with a normal microphone ?
    thank you very much

  9. TR4E 27 says:

    Nothing is more entertaining than to watch a skilled professional perform flawlessly.

  10. E. Eeyore says:

    So the 4L25 pre-dates the 7S26? Thanks for all that you do Mark! Great choice on the music as well!

  11. hiifee wong says:

    Yeah beautiful movement seiko made ! Oh! Happy new year for everyone !

  12. esa062 says:

    Weird to see geared winder and Incabloc in a Seiko

  13. This is not a movement that I am familiar with but, having stripped down and rebuilt a few 7S26's in the past year, its interesting to see signs of the lineage between the older and newer Seiko movements. Thanks for doing this, Mark. When can we expect level 3 of the course ??

  14. JF schnell says:

    Wow…. really!!! With the music in the background you make it sound this is quite easy. I like micro-mechanics and really enjoy watching seeing how this things are made. I am considering buying one of those watches good for scrap/parts to learn how to repair…

  15. Cas Hau says:

    Looks like a very well conceived mechanism Mark could you give us your expert opinion on it?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  16. nizam says:

    happy new year 2018

  17. Philip Orrow says:

    Another quality video Mark

  18. James Alich says:

    Happy New Year, Mark!

  19. tony diggins says:

    Happy New year Mark. Not familiar with this Seiko movement but it's a beauty

  20. its beautiful music to go along with this what is please mark

  21. This movement shares surprisingly high similarities with the Soprod A10, I really can't tell one from another if not for the stamping on the bridges. Did Seiko license Soprod to manufacture the 4L25 overseas and brand it as A10? Pretty sure the 4L25 came earlier than its Swiss brother…
    And a happy new year to all watch fans on this channel 🙂

  22. oWee says:

    I wish that you could repair my Rado Green Horse from 80s )

  23. HadoKing says:

    Happy New year. I loved the pan at the end with all the parts splayed out. Beautiful razor thin depth of field. Cheers!

  24. I question for your next Q&A, Mark.

    Since moving to Thailand, have you noticed you receive more or less higher end horology and what brands do you receive more to service there than back when you were in England and vice versa?

    Keep up the good work!

  25. Andrew Geary says:

    Mark is the best at what he does on youtube.

  26. Auto Correct says:

    Sweet! Thank you Mark! Love these videos. Happy new year!

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